What are the best sectors to stay for a single girl in Noida?

Being a single working girl, security and connectivity will be major factor while you are searching for a PG or a flat for rent. Noida has been one of the major destination for students/working professionals to stay. Due to educational institutes in near by area & industrial development in last decade, 1000’s of students and young professionals after completing their education tend toward Noida.

After Metro was introduced to Noida it has improved its connectivity not only to Delhi but also Gurgaon (Gurugram Now). Electricity, road lights and connectivity of metro stations to near by areas has also solved security problem. However not all areas are that fortunate.

Below isĀ the list of few sectors/areas in Noida which you should prefer while looking for a renting solution, be it PG or a flat.

Sector 29/30/36 Near Botanical Garden Metro Station:
These sectors carry many advantages than most of the sectors in Noida. These areas are connected to Botanical Garden Metro Station and are near GIP Mall, walking distance from Ganga & Brahmputra Market.
These areas have beautiful houses and few good PG as well.

Cons: Most of the buildings are old styled and also at expensive side. However still you can find accommodation at affordable price, contact us if you are looking for options.

Sector 19 Near Sector 16 & 18 Metro Station:
In mid of sector 16, Sector 18 and very close to CSM as well Sab Mall, Mall of India, GIP mall this can be heaven for anyone willing to stay near metro station. Apart from connectivity its also one of the very secure areas, have many markets & hospitals near by.
You can find lot of PG & flats available for rent in this area.

Sector 37, 50, 51, 41 Near Noida City Center Metro Station:
Near Noida City Center Metro station, these areas are considered few of best areas to stay in Nodia. This residentialĀ area has good no. of parks, restaurants & street food options. You can find PG, Flats on rent builder flats to high end apartments with good amenities like swimming pool & club houses.
After Logix Group mall near metro station this has got good option of entertainment as well. You can find options from affordable to mid range.

Sector 12, 22 Near Noida Sector 15, 16:
Though 12/22 is little away from metro stations but well connected through shared autos. These 2 sectors are most popular among students & bachelors in Noida. with lot of PG and affordable residential options you can find your next renting option close to markets & hospitals. Security is not upoto mark hence you need little precaution while selecting this area.

This current blog post is updated based on the information collected from the inernet. Roomler team is now conducting surveys in different parts of Noida considering connectivity, security as key factors.

Keep watching this space for updated information.

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