Top Tips for Students to Select the Right PG in Kota


Kota is called the education city of the country as it draws in millions of students every year for different competitive exams particularly PMT (pre- medical test) and PET (Pre engineering test). Kota is a modern city having a great infrastructure that provides aspiring doctors and engineers the kind of support they want for their 1 or 2 years pre-test preparation studies. The city is home to some of the top coaching institutes, such as Allen, Resonance, Vibrant, Motion and so forth.

Every year a great number of students take and qualify these tough entrance tests. Generally, students come here subsequent to finishing their twelfth examination; however, another trend of understudies coming to Kota soon after their tenth or secondary school studies and preparing side by side their eleventh and twelfth studies is also going on.

Here we have attempted to give valuable information to students who are taking a crack at the highly competitive pre engineering and pre medical tests, and are trying to find a suitable PG in the city.

Kota has plenty of PG (Paying Guest) choices having top class facilities such as, food, laundry, R.O. water, and so on. However a major issue for students and their parents is that since they are new to the city they have to make choices quickly about which coaching institute to join and where to live. A big problem faced by the students is finding a decent P.G. close to their coaching institute. Most often students book their coaching classes before they arrive in the city, so know beforehand, where they’ll be studying, but have a vague idea about where they will be staying while preparing for the entrance test.

Following are some basic problems students face regarding PGs in Kota:

Bad Food

There are certain PG owners who don’t give much thought to providing quality food to students and that result in different health problems to arise. Good food assumes an essential part in boosting the grasping power of students. The food provided in the PG ought to be nutritious as well as delicious so that students health doesn’t suffer, and they remain regular in their classes. In other words to perform well in the tests students need nutritious diet and when they don’t get that they are unable to do well in studies. So, low-quality food is a genuine problem students commonly have to face in the city. Hygienic food is must to avoid any health problem.

Bad Location

The second major problem that students coming to Kota have to deal with is an unsuitable location of the PG. The PG where a student lives has to be well connected so that the commuting time is less and trouble free. Students need easy access to all modes of transport from buses, trains, to auto rickshaws and the like. Secondly, and more importantly the area where the PG is located has to be peaceful, so that students are not disturbed while studying.

Attitude of PG Owners

Bad attitude of lodgings proprietors in Kota is again a major issue as some of the PG owners are not actual owners but rather have taken the place on lease for a year. So the most serious issue turns out that these PG managers are looking to make a fast profit and have no intention of developing their PG into a reputed brand. From laundry to providing of an air cooler and clean water — the owners charge for ever service, thus pushing the costs up. Also they don’t put more effort in making PG habitable & clean.


Living in a city far from home, a student needs a place with a proper security. Particularly as regards female understudies, security is a primary concern for the parents. Sadly, some of the PGs in Kota lack in this area.

How to find the best PG in Kota?

  • The answer lies in planning before coming here with your bag and baggage and giving enough time to searching and locating the best alternatives.
  • Students must make an online search for best PG close to their coaching centers. There are loads of great websites that offer detailed information about the reputed and genuine PGs in the city. By visiting the websites, students get an initial idea about the facilities available in the different PGs and their charges, etc.
  • Make sure the PG has plenty of homes around. This thing is specifically important if one is looking for a PG for Girls. More than your safety nothing else is important, so make sure you and your belongings are very much secured.
  • Ask for clarity in advance regarding the things that are of concern to you. For example, timings, visiting of parents, and friends, food choices and so on.
  • Avoid unprofessional people promising to get you the best living options since they can’t. You’ll be just wasting your money, because they don’t have enough tie-ups and will most likely arrange a sub-standard accommodation.
  • Do a check of the PG including a background check of the PG owners with the residents who are living in that locality. The residents can give you the real picture as regards to the place and can furthermore provide you feedback on the PG owners. . In any case, ensure that it is a private discussion in which agents and PG owners are not included.


Whether it is finding a girls PG or a PG for Boys, the above given tips will prove valuable during your search for the best PG in Kota. Hopefully, this information will get you a PG of your choice, subsequently helping you in your overall preparation for the entrance test.







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