Tips to screen right PG/Room Mate for your PG Stay

PG In Noida

A decision to go ahead with shared PG depends on many factors including your nature, where you hate staying alone, financial and avaialbility of PG in area where you are looking to stay.

A PG or Flat Mate can make your life livable or miserable depending on compability of two individuals. A good room mate for one person might not be so good for another or a very good friend of yours might not be a good room mate for you.

While I was studying in Allahabad, there was a common phrase if you want your friend to turn a foe, start staying together.

When you are staying in PG condition is bit different and most of the time you are staying with a PG Mate which you dont select, you or the other person might be staying before you join/start staying in PG.

Based on my personal experience, I suggest following tips to select a good PG Mate.

1. Meeting and Screening Potential PG Mate:
Convince the other person as well PG owner to arrnage a meeting, where you both can share your preferences. Many times a student might not be compatible with a working professional and vice versa, same is true with students or working professional in different streams until and unless you share similar preferences.

A non-smoking or drinking person might feel uncomortable with a smoker.

2. Get Habituated:
Find out how your potential roommate(s) live, do they watch a lot of TV, party alot, or like being alone or work all the time or loud music and so on. Try to find out as much information you can, this helps you to know the person well and if youc an live with that person or not.

3. Pay attention to the details:
Looking for a potential roommate is similar to dating (only more intimate). Notcie the red flags. Look around, hygenic, cleanliness etc. Try to find out who was living in there earlier and why the other person left. If you listen too much of negative things, be alert!

4. Be Honest :
Knowing a person is as much important as the other person know you as well. Be honest, share your living habits, hobbies and everything which you expect in your potential roommate.

5. Do a background check:
If possible try to find little information about the potential roommate. PG owner is never going to share right information, so try to find from others.

I hope this information helps you in finding a good PG Mate, It has helped me though.

Please share your story below.

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