Some Instant Food and Snack Ideas for All Hostelers in India

The most important body fuel, which is abundantly required during hostel or PG days is ‘Food’. Although three times meal is served to every student in a hostel or PG with food, but who can help to satiate the hunger rightly at midnight when the mess is closed and hostelers cannot rush to a nearby restaurant or a coffee shop. For this kind of hard times, students have discovered pretty good hostel food ideas to survive in a messy world.

Though ‘Maggie’ has been favorite of all Hostelers and PG mates, but there are some other items that are included in the list of Instant Food Snacks. Well, mothers have also contributed to a lot. Their advisory cooking sessions for the food that can be made in the hostel are simply superb and quite helpful. And also, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a bag full of snacks, dry stuff and preserved food items, packed by your mom along with luggage. These secret food packs will certainly be a part of the midnight snack party, or study hours, and midnight hunger.

If you are going to be the part of an awesome and memorable Hostel life for the next three or four years, you also must know these easy hostel food hacks that can be experimented in the crucial hours.

  • Masala Peanuts:
    Super crunchy and spicy with sourish flavored Masala Peanuts are highly preferred for the evening snacks. These can be mixed with poha and bhel puri to make a tasty dish or can be taken simply with salt and spices. To experiment the chat flavor, you just have to mix chopped onion, tomato, green chili, and coriander with salt and sauce in a bowl. Add masala peanuts to this mixture and enjoy it with a cup of tea or a coffee.
  • Fried Poha:
    Fried Poha or Chivda is an instant snack and highly popular food that can be made in hostel particularly in the morning or at evening time. It is also called avalakki, aval, or flattened rice. Generally, poha is available in different types like thick flakes, thin flakes and corn flakes. It is well said that South Students can survive without air, but not without Poha. In Hostel or PG accommodation, fried poha is experimented with different recipes and ingredients like peas, carrot, onion, cheese, lemon, tamarind sauce and coriander
  • Dry Fruits:
    Dry fruits like almond, cashew, raisin, apricots, dates, and figs retain higher nutritional value than fresh fruits. Plus, these are easily available and can be stored in the airtight containers for a long time. Dry fruits are highly recommended for the youngsters or bachelor’s studying in a college or institute as these not only boost up the mind and energy level but also prevent your body from health hazards. These can also be added to the breakfast cereals or oats.
  • Puffed Rice:
    Puffed Rice is the main ingredient of spicy and tangy Bhel Puri (Churmuri or Mandakki). This easily prepared midnight snack is considered as one of the best Hostel Food Ideas. Students who find the mess food quite pathetic, tasteless and boring, usually try this recipe with boiled potato, crunchy chips, green chilies and tamarind sauce.
  • Roti Roll (Wrap it up):
    Mess food complaint is the most common thing that happens in every Hostel or PG all around the world. The regular served Chapatis, Dal Chawal, Aloo ki Sabji have always spoiled the student’s mood. But who knows this simple chapati can be scrumptious when these are rolled up with aloo bhujia or aloo ki sabji, some mayonnaise, tomato catchup and tangy chips. Try this recipe and enjoy this meal of the day!
  • Sun Dried Poha:
    These are the dried rice flakes that are crispy and crunchy to eat. Adding peanuts, chopped green vegetables, onion, tomato, salt and pepper into it will make delicious snacks for hostel students or paying guests. To add more flavor, you can also try this dish with curd or tomato sauce. In order to prepare Sun Dried Poha, you have to keep Poha directly under the Sun for minimum three days so that the water content gets evaporated. After that, store it in an airtight container. This box can be opened whenever you feel hunger at late nights.
    Fry poha chivda
  • Chakalli, Kodubale:
    Among hostel food hacks, Chakali is quite popular and the most nutritive snack which is made with different ingredients like chickpea flour, black gram flour, rice flour, salt, red pepper, asafoetida, sesame seeds and cumin seeds. All contents are mixed in a particular proportion with water to make a dough and spiral shapes, which are then fried in hot oil to make a perfect appetizing spiral shaped snack. Students are very fond of this snack and usually store this for the midnight carvings during exam preparatory days.
  • Jam and Nutella:
    Creamy and Fruity base can turn over the taste of plain bread and bun. Most of the time, students in a PG or Hostel accommodation prefer to make yummiest sandwiches with fruit Jam and Nutella in the morning time. Some innovative youngsters also try these with biscuits, cookies and doughnuts. Both, Nutella and Jam make a perfect base for the food that can be made in a hostel or in PG at any desired time.
  • Nippattu:
    It is the commonly known snack for the Hostelers. This food item is full of nutrition. Different basic nutritive ingredients like rice flour, maida, roasted gram dal, cumin seeds, red chillies, asafoetida, peanut, coriander leaves, coconut, and oil, are added to make this yummiest food stuff. This crunchy food item makes a perfect evening snack for the hostelers, especially with hot masala chai or kulhad chai. Storing it in containers will arrange you enough food stuff for the late night hungers while doing exam preparations.
  • Besan Ke Ladoo:
    This sweet nutritive food is one of yummiest snacks for hostel students, which is prepared with motherly love, chickpea flour, sugar and ghee. Students, when visiting their hometown, never forget to carry “besan ke ladoos” in a large container.

These snacks for hostel students are worthy of appreciation, as they have nurtured the human body with a great sense of relief, and support. Check out the list of amazing instant snacks and try these for the scruffy hostel days!

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