Renting House is a nightmare for bachelors in Delhi/NCR

bachelor accomodaiton
India is a country of youth, to get higher studies & jobs, thousands of students from small towns rush to better cities with better education & job opportunity.

After getting admission or job, the first most important thing a bachelor considers is renting a house or find a PG to stay. PG are not available everywhere and many places PG doesnt mean what it sounds, that even not like hostel but just a shelter with minimal or no amenities.

When as a bachelor you are hunting an accommodation to stay basic are these problems you face:

1. Singles are not allowed:
Not only girls but even for guys, most families shut their doors. Bachelors are not allowed is the common sentence you will hear from every 2nd or third property owner. Matter is worst for a bachelor girl to find accommodation.
Most of the residential societies in Delhi/NCR you can find a board outside society, bachelors are not allowed.
While interacting with a home owner, I asked, why you contact brokers to rent it out, his response was ‘ Lot of bachelors come to us and I really dont like to turn them away and hence I find it better to assign it to broker, broker comes with families only.

2. Real Estate Agents / Brokers:

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Most of the home owners, prefer to give this brokers, who charge a hefty commission from tenants and if you are short of money, it becomes more difficult. Brokers to get better commission many times ask for better rates than discussed with property owners.

Brokers are not only expensive but many times not honest and you rent a property not worth money or you find many problems when you start staying.

3. Rules & Limitations:
With bachelors, mostly homeowners expect them with high sound music, weekly parties and lot of noise around. Mostly homeowners put lot of limitations on tenants like timings, overnight guest, live-in, parties, opposite sex friends entry. You have to follow lot of rules.

4. Stability:
Mostly homeowners assume bachelors don’t stay for good period of time and again in short time you have to start looking for tenant soon, thats why they ask for 1-2 months security and 11 months rent agreement. Lot of questions will be asked to you regarding stability.

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To solve such issues, is determined to all these questions answered first with owner and list properties which are as per your requirement. You will not be surprised by rules, limitations once you start staying. believes being single is fun and so should be renting solution for bachelors.

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