How to Locate Budget Friendly Best PG Accommodation in Allahabad


It is rightly said that Education adds wings to the childhood dreams of students. After cracking engineering, IIT or medical entrance exams with good ranks and getting admission in the top listed colleges and institutes in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, the first thing that comes in mind is to search the best PG Accommodation in Allahabad.

Many landlords are there who provide different types of Renting Solutions in Allahabad and offer you various PG options according to your needs and budget. They keep tracking the seekers through advertisement and other social media portals like apps and websites. You can discuss your priorities with them by chatting online and schedule a meeting for the complete verification of the mentioned details.

Along with this, there are some important factors which should be determined to occupy the perfect rental place in an affordable budget.

  • Location:
    Prefer the location which is nearer to your college, institute or research center so that you can easily manage your schedule, travelling and rest time. Select at least 3-4 sites to locate the PG rentals and then plan a meeting with landlords or owners. Note down the luxuries they have been offering you. After that, compare them in terms of amenities, rent, rules, advance refundable security, and safety.
  • Advance Deposit:
    Though different Renting Solutions in Allahabad will dictate their process of hiring tenants to stay and advance deposit policies. It is you who can confirm the stability of these policies. In a new town, you are the sole owner of your money, so it is up to you how much safely you can go through this process. You can also convince the landlords to refund the deposit if you are not feeling well in the PG accommodation.
  • Food Option:
    Generally, PG Accommodation in Allahabad offer both types of facilities for students: Food and without food rental services. Students, who are perfect in chef skills, are willing to occupy a rental site without food services.
    If you don’t want to indulge yourself in salt and sugar, then look for a PG with food, check the menu too. If you are a pure vegetarian, then mention this clearly to the cooking expert. Some chefs also offer an additional cooking menu for the evening snacks and eateries.
  • Restrictions:
    Generally, PG’s implement some weird kind of restrictions on the tenants like use water only up to 9 in the morning, don’t use top floor area, don’t dry your clothes on our gallery, don’t paste stickers in kitchen or living area, don’t invite your friend every weekend, and don’t use electricity after 10 at night. These are nothing less than the order of a Hitler for the next world war. So, to have a peaceful environment, you should check the PG rule book before the final move to the rental place. If you find it awkward and not agreeable to your inner will, then frankly say no rather making regrets later.
  • Security :
    Security comes first while living as a tenant in a non-familiar place with the people from different states of the country. Have a brief detection about roommates and landlord too. Ask the landlords about security measures and timings. With this, you can also ensure your parents about your safety and security of the living site. Many PG Renting Solutions in Allahabad give preference to this concern and hire security services first so that no outer element can harm the tenants.
  • Distance from Main Market:
    For surviving in a new place far away from your home, you will be needing a lot of stuff including, grocery, stationary, medicines, raw items and different kind of other purchasable items. Getting a PG rental close to the main market or shopping centers, will save your time and efforts to approach the needs. Those who get attracted by the low rents of PG’s or Hostel situated quite far from the main market, have to spend more money for the local travels. This will also consume the precious weekend time. So, check out the market view and approachability near the living site too.
  • Transportation:
    Check out the convenience of local transportation like buses, cabs or taxis near the proposed PG as you don’t want to get late for the morning lectures. If the transportation services are reachable then it will make your life much easier.
  • Background Check: Safety is the main concern while staying in a new place where you are not familiar with anyone except your roommates or sometimes with the landlord. So, why to adjust with the conditions and liabilities after depositing security and rent in advance. For a happy and safe living, do confirm the behavior and dealings of Landlord and even roommates from each other and the surroundings.
  • Check the Amenities:
    Before planning a final stepping in a Hostel or PG accommodation in Allahabad, ask about the availability like type of room, interior, cupboards, water supply, cleaning, hygiene, lightning, furniture- bed, chair, table, rack etc. Confirm the same from the other tenants too. If you want additional facilities like hot water and Wi-Fi connection, then ask from landlords whether they will give permission for this or not.
  • Charges of Electric Appliances: Many PG owners do not specify the actual charges of electricity and readings to the tenants. They just drop a receipt of bill in your room or handover this to you. For transparency, you should ask the electricity charges per unit from PG Renting Solutions in Allahabad, on the basis of that, you can have a check on the electricity consumption. This will also give an overview of your total monthly expenses along with the rent. Some owners install meters exactly outside your room, from where you can monitor the reading and according to that, you can pay electricity bills.

If you have been enrolled in a prestigious college, institute or research center in Allahabad, and you are planning to move to a new PG accommodation in Allahabad, then check out all these important points which have to be considered while hunting a rental place. Good Luck!!

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