7 Interesting Facts You Should Know While Studying In Kota


Students, have you ever experienced the real fear factor of Engineering, Competitive or Medical Entrance Exams? If not, then welcome to Kota!!!! The Platform, where Style, Brand’s, and Personality do not bother at all. What matters in real is YOUR INTELLIGENCE in order to grab all tricks and methods taught by professors in the coaching class. Each and every day, you will be judged on the basis of your learning and fast problem solving techniques. If you are enough smart to DPP’s (Daily Practice Problems), PT (Periodic Tests) and CT (Cumulative Tests), then you will be the DUDE of class.

Those who are curious about Kota Student life and the luxuries, have a look on a daily routine. Remember one thing in here, life is not an easy deal in Kota as that of home. Forget all about mother’s waking alarm, delicious breakfast on the dining table, ironed clothes, packed lunch, room tidiness and one call home service, as there will be no other person to help you at all. You will be the master of your own.

With all the important things such as tough competition; little-little breaks; formulas, logics and tricks running in mind; late night discussions; willingness to cover maximum topics and chapters as you can; mindset to crack good rank for the selection of top Engineering College etc., you will feel a lot of pressure in your mind. Those who overcome the challenges with hard work and time management, will surely achieve success in life.

Check out the interesting things that will happen in the life of a student in Kota, Rajasthan:

Reality of Competitive, Medical or Engineering Entrance Exam:
Before 10th Standard, you were having one target in exams i.e. to pass out only, no matter what %age you had cracked. But here, you will come to know the exact criteria of cracking competitive exams. You cannot skip main or hard topics as you might have done in the previous exams. The actual Experience of each and every day in the life of a student in Kota, delivers a sense of self belief and confidence to succeed in IIT-JEE, AIEEE or PMT Exams. Here, you will be taught by highly expert professors and lecturers, who have a deep knowledge of their subjects.

Each day, you will find yourself in the race of tough competition where all the students are performing hard efforts to achieve the final goal, be it your classmates or your accommodation roommates. Initially try to find out those fellow mates who actually match up with your mind set and lifestyle or try to adjust with the existing ones so that your final goal would be easy enough to catch up to without any psychological hurdles. Following this, the next few days of your time should be dedicated on to understanding the exam pattern and study materials, after that, you will completely indulge yourself in learning, discussions, and work assignments.

24 Hours a Day, Really? :
This question may arise in your mind, when you have been studying hard to get top rank in IIT-JEE Exams. Lots of work like Daily Practice Problems, preparation of weekly and monthly tests, queries, all these bring out sleepless nights in Kota Student Life. Many students find themselves taking a nap in the coaching classes.

“Wakeup-food-Class-Sleep” this is on what the life of a student in Kota depends. From 5 AM in the morning to late studies till 2 AM, students do not get enough time to gossip with friends or go out for a movie and shopping. Students surely miss the cricket matches, latest movie shows in City Mall and chat with family or dear ones.

The Real Sense of Responsibility: If you are the one, who is suffering from Homesickness, then be ready to feel the sense of “Your Own Responsibility”. Comfort does not exist in the life of a student in Kota. It will happen only in a dream when you would be served breakfast, lunch and dinner by your mother, or cared by your siblings. In real, you will no longer find yourself standing in a queue to get the sense of home services.

If you are a Marathon runner, then it sounds pretty good. As, the high pace will surely help you in a fast moving schedule. Otherwise, be ready to do all, from setting alarm to get ready within 10 minutes, grabbing hot coffee and a toast of bread, then running for the cab and a seat in the first row, by yourself. In starting, it may irritate and trouble you, but after that you will habitually follow the schedule. Excluding these hardships which Kota offers, it is well known for its homely PG accommodations which give you a hospitable environment so that you can entirely focus on your studies.

Missing Home Cooked Food: “Food is love, food is weakness, food is everything” before you stepped out of home to a new city. In Kota, you will miss home cooked food a lot. If your mom has packed Mathies, Ladoos, or Tangy Snacks, then you can fulfill the late night appetite, otherwise you will be getting the same menu like Poha and Kachori everytime.

Students starving for spicy Rajasthani Food like Mirchi Vada, Dal Bati Churma, ladoo, Gatte ki Sabji and Bajre ki Roti, can visit roadside food shops or street vendors. Between tough schedules, do not miss the hot Kulhad Chai, and Ram Ladoos, available almost at every shop or stall in Kota, Rajasthan.

Final Judgement of spending two Years in Kota: It is well said that “Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in Beauty of Dreams”. Every year, a large number of engineering aspirants take admission in the renowned coaching institutes for the preparation of Entrance Exams. Students who have studied hard, can crack the exam in first attempt, but the same does not happen with the others. In this competitive world, you have to believe in yourself and put hard efforts to perform the best in exams. Scan your mistakes, weak points, solve your queries, and take advisory sessions.

The Sweet and Sour experience of Kota Student Life will not only extend the limits, thinking and capabilities but also transform you for the best of your future.

In Kota, you will come across various challenges and hard times, but the deep inner strength and self-belief will push you forward to achieve your dreams. In the world of competition, you will experience and learn a lot of new things in life that will guide and help you at different hard levels.

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