6 Ways How to Deal with Messy Roommates in Easier Way

How to deal with messy roommates while staying in PG
Living with some people especially when in college could be fun or messy depending on the companions you get. Take an instance whereby you find that roommate who is quite a loner. He/she does not take much concern into giving their clothes some dirt-free days. The room gets filled with so much stink that deters you from calling any new friends over. Sometimes, the smelly scent makes you feel so uneasy that you find yourself in a position of looking for someone new. If you are in the same experience, then this is the right piece to help you take action for you. Below are some good tips on how to deal with bad roommates:

  • Germ Phobia / the Mammas approach
    This method primarily refers that you will do all the washing activities. Although it is not a prestigious job as a roommate, but this practice can facilitate to control over the environment around you. This process allows you to take responsibility for cleanliness on every occasion when you notice of untidiness.  Mostly all the roommate tries to avoid doing this kind of activities. So cleanliness should be treated as an inevitable job for keeping your room clean and tidy. If you do not want to make the other person feel offended and want to maintain a “good relationship,” then you better choose this method. This step only makes them get more credit for giving you a lot of work to do. This approach might be handy to attract a new roommate. They, therefore, stay loyal to their usual habits since you are always around.

  • Bombing their Dress-zone Approach
    In this approach, you are going to be the bad one. It means that you pile their dirty clothes together with all their filth all in one place. This should mean that you keenly watch their common behavior in the manner in which they handle their clothing and everything about them. In doing this, they will be unable to ignore anything that is in front of them. You should do this by placing these clothes at the place that will automatically force them to want to act. You could throw them on their bed or just put everything on the floor for them to see. This will give them the warning that their filth has reached above your spirit level and that you cannot take it anymore. Remember the primary objective about doing all this is to teach someone a lesson that they did not previously know. You should therefore not feel like doing something so gracious.
  •  Assume everything is okay
    This approach will also require you to be a little bit contented with the condition of the dirt. Though you do not agree with the level of dirt in the room, you have to act like everything is just fine. However, if you decide to go this route, you better be sure that there is no coming back from it. You could begin by just showing some signs of being incredibly lazy and uncontrolled. When there is any urgent matter in place, you just handle it with a lot of laxities. It may be so annoying to you too, but such impressions are the only kinds of things that can help you a great deal. You could also encourage yourself that a little dirt will not kill you. When this happens, the increasing pressure for them to take charge of their situation will obviously outweigh their pretense, and they will certainly correct themselves.

  •  Do not allow the dirty roommate firsthand
    This approach works only if you have the knowledge of your roommate before they legally become the person with whom you spend the whole campus life. It will mean that the moment you suspect that they are the ones you do not want to share the room with, just report or ask for a referral earlier in advance. The more time you spend while still testing your partner the more your life will experience so much agony. To prevent yourself from the continuous feeling of awkwardness, you should go for like-minded roommates in the first place.
  • The sign approach
    Sometimes roommates are seen to leave the room switching on the fan or lights or turning on the tab in the washroom. To stop such wastage and save money, you can use sign approach. For this, you can write down the instruction on a piece of paper or print it on (Switch off light/ fan before you leave or Did you switch the tab? …). Then hang it near the switch board or pin it on the door so that it can be easily visible in front of your eyes. This method is much useful and handy than any other methods. Also, you can initiate a group discussion for making room clean and tidy with your roommates. So, these procedures will help you to keep your room more clean and tidy and it will also be eye-catching to find a new roommate.

Parting Words:
So the primary sense of responsibility that rests on you is to opt for finest PG accommodations in your city along with a through scrutinizing of choosing a decent roommate. If the choice of roommate goes wrong, everything would go south for you in your day-to-day workings. If any such situations arise, you can tackle them by going through with the above suggestions. Share your thoughts and experiences on this in the below comments section

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