6 Myths About PGs that Need to be Clarified

PG, which is a short name for a Paying Guest house, is increasingly getting to be mainstream among young students (18-26 years), particularly in the metros. The idea of PG is not new in India but lately there is a greater recognition of this concept. Paying guest is a favored choice among youngsters who move away from their native place for higher studies in professional colleges. In a new city, finding the best quality paying guest accommodation was always a challenge in the past. But that is no longer the case today.

Nowadays, most of the PG owners pay full attention to the facilities that are a standard in a paying guest accommodation. Clean, spacious rooms and tasty, nutritious food is a top priority with the owners who are running the business of paying guest, especially in metro cities, like Noida, Greater Noida, Kota and a few others. These metros are fast turning into educational hubs, inviting thousands of youngsters who come with the dream of getting admissions into some of the prestigious management, engineering, and medical institutions in India.

Today we are going to discuss a few myths that surround PG accommodations in the BIG metro cities of India. We intend to educate students, and to clear their misconceptions about paying guest accommodations.

Myth#1: Cramped, Dirty Rooms

This is a very old misconception regarding paying guest services. Most of the students including their parents feel that PGs are dirty, smelly, and tightly packed places. The general feeling is that the rooms which are made available for staying have many people sharing them, and are dirty because they are not swept and washed on a daily basis. This is a myth because rooms in the PG nowadays are vacuumed and tidied using the most advanced cleaning gadgets. Thus, every nook and cranny of the room is kept clean, and free of disease-carrying mosquitoes, flies, and so on. Moreover, only two beds are laid in one room. Means, only two people stay per room.

Myth#2: Filthy, Unhygienic Kitchens

Many students / Bachelors ( Working Men & women) often have this complaint that the kitchens are the most filthy areas of a paying guest accommodation. The misconception is that the food is cooked in an unhygienic environment, where the chances of spreading infections are high. There is no truth in this statement. Regular raids are conducted by the enforcement agencies to ensure proper living environment in PGs. So, PG owners have to strictly confirm with the standards required for operating this business. No owner will like to go out of business, or pay fines just because the kitchens were not maintained in top class condition.

Myth#3: Inadequate, Untrained Staff

The often circulated myth about paying guest premises is that the staff hired to operate this business is not trained properly. The food is cooked by people with no experience of cooking and they are not even professionally certified. Secondly, the cleaning of rooms and bathrooms is done by daily wage laborers, and for that reason the place stinks. This is actually not true. Most modern PGs are run in the most professional way. There is proper staff hired for cleaning of rooms and bathrooms. These people are working full-time in the paying guest premises, and are paid monthly salaries for the work they do.

Furthermore, certified chefs and cooks are hired for the purpose of preparing food for the students. All standard cooking equipment like Dish-washers, Grill, Hot/Micro-wave Ovens, are installed in the kitchen area. The food is prepared by professional people who follow standard cooking processes of quality and taste. Thus, there’s no question that the food served is polluted or not tasty.

Myth#4: Security Not Up to the Mark

A popular myth especially spread by girl occupants is that security is a big issue in most paying guest premises. Some news came in the papers and a few T.V channels also published live videos in which the security staff is seen misbehaving with young girls. These are false stories broadcast just with the objective of increasing the TRP of the channel. Every standard PG has a watchman who has the duty to lock the main entrance after specific time at night. A caretaker is also appointed whose job is to see that the staff doesn’t misbehave with the guests. The staff is given training in soft skills and good behavior. Any employee found misbehaving with the guests is dealt with strictly, and sometimes handed over to the police.

Myth#5: Unavailability of Exclusive Facilities

Some special facilities that are needed in a modern paying guest accommodation is Internet Access (Wi-fi connection), Air Conditioners, Television sets, Washing/Laundry machines. Students usually have a misconception that a PG doesn’t provide these gadgets that are needed to make living comfortable and fun. Opposed to that, all modern paying guest owners ensure that these facilities are made available for their guests. By and large every PG is forced to provide these facilities to attract more people.

Myth#6: The Location is Out of the City

Students coming to metros for the first time expect to stay in a PG that is near the college or institute where they will study. The popular myth is that most PGs are located out of the city. This is actually a myth. A PG cannot run profitably if it’s located far from the city. In order to operate successfully PG owners ensure that the premises are located close to basic facilities such as hospitals, bus stops, railway stations, schools, and educational institutions. Paying Guests are often located at a walking distance from these basic facilities.


All paying guest businesses today comply with government rules and regulations. They provide the surety that the guests are provided good-quality and nutritious food. Also, complete care is taken to provide clean-hygienic, and spacious rooms to the guests. All measure are taken to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable environment within the PG premises.

These were the 6 myths about PGs that are popular in India. We have busted these myths because we want that all the youngsters coming to study in a city, away from their native place must not have any misconceptions about paying guest accommodation. They shouldn’t worry that their needs regarding living conditions and facilities in a PG won’t be met.

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