16 Amazing Characters that Exist in Every Girl’s Hostel in India

Girls Hostel & PG

Living in a hostel or PG is the most memorable time of every girl’s life. In this care-free, independent and fun-filled environment, she enjoys her best moments with friends and roommates. Silly talks, bad jokes, late night studies, birthday parties, group gossips, maggie treats, cat fights, bad mess food; these are some of the common experiences of girls’ life in a hostel. Far away from hometown, girls find every possible way of survival in here. From cooking to sharing, night gossips to group study and responsiveness to self-care, they learn a lot of things from their friends. These are the real times which make living in hostels awesome and enjoyable.

In Hostel, every kind of person exists like naughty, sad, silly, happy, studious, kind, and selfish who tend to surprise you every single day. In this hustle and bustle, you will find different types of girls in hostels who love to add sweet and sour taste in the boring life. Here are a few characters you might come across:

Sweet Flavor: Say Cheese!! This quote will immediately strike in your mind when you meet her. This type of girl is like a Sweet Candy who likes to add sweetness in gossips, the lovable person greets all with a beautiful smile.

The Siamese Twins: Girls with a tagline “Best Buddies Ever” in a hostel, spread the awareness of sharing and caring in an amazing way. You can spot them eating together, sleeping together, and wearing matching clothes. These characters in girl’s PG are very common. Oh Please, do not jealous at all.

The Phone Girl: ‘The Busy Bee’ kind of a girl is the one who does not bother about sleeping hours and can talk loud on the phone at any time. And Yes!!! The Best Actress Award goes to her for typical moody expressions and sad looks.

The Family Girl: Family Oriented Girl!! She gets a daily shower of unlimited care of Family Members including siblings, grandma and aunts. She can narrate different stories of her siblings and cousins. Seeing her talking on the phone, you will definitely feel jealous.

The Style Icons: “Excuse Me”, these pretty ladies can rock all parties, events and hostel functions. Among different types of girls in hostels, they are the unique ones. Their classic wardrobes, stunning accessories, makeups, hairstyles and off course, the unique fashion style statement, is the hot topic of discussion in the girls hostel. And yes, do not miss their Makeup Lessons!!

The Cleanliness & OCD Freak: She is the one, diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). “No Germs, No illness” this is what she considers every single day. She has gone through every concept of Sanitation and sterilization. Washrooms are the worst nightmares to her. If you are dirty, don’t even dare to come close to her.

The Dirty One: The Rotten Egg!!! This girl in a PG or Hostel rarely takes a bath daily. Her laundry session happens only once in a season. Her best apparel is Ruff and Tuff Jean, which never fades her style. The loaded cupboard, book rank and shoe section, where every day is a struggle for her to find the needy things. And one thing more, for one time bath session, she does not care about spending 4 to 5 hours in the washroom.

The Plastics: Girls with “Bitter Hearts” are very common in a hostel. The extraordinary characters in girl’s PG with a fake smile, are always eager to do bitching with roommates. Beware of these backstabbers!! Their judgemental views can surely confuse you. In case, such girls become your roommates, your life might become a living hell. So try to build up a healthy bond with these types of characters so that they wouldn’t bother you much.

The Mommy: It is the true fact that girls’ life in a hostel is not easy as it seems. In a Hostel or PG, if you have met the “Mommy Xerox”, then you are the luckiest one. In case of headache, back pain, cold and cough, she will be the best remedy for you. With different boxes of threads and needles, hooks, clutches, safety pins, herbs and medicines, she caters all needs of her hostel friends. Her Yoga Sessions for the healthy mind and body are simply superb! 

The Party Girls: Party girls are the Rock Stars!! They love to dance on loud music. These characters in girl’s PG or Hostel hardly miss any celebration, birthday, or function. Their iconic moves on hip hop music always burn the dance floor. 

The Nerd: Oh Yes!!! Books are my Best Friends. For this type of girl, fun activites like gossips, party and celebration, do not exist at all. Spending time on these activities is a sin. This bookworm with Big Lenses on the eyes, Bag on Shoulder, and Books in Hand, can definitely give a heartache. And yes, she does not forget to post “Do not disturb” Note on her door.

The Broke Girl: She is the one who bears pain all alone by herself. A little fight with roommate, announcement of the final exam date, or a call from home, can touch her sentiments. She feels every bit of emptiness in the dark room behind the closed door. One advice- Handle her carefully.

The Borrowers: The Emotional Blackmailers!! These kind of characters in girl’s PG or Hostel, do not spend a single penny on buying her own stuff. They keep an eye on belongings of roommate like food, snacks, makeup, footwear, dresses, even on toothpaste and species too. Saying no to these economy sufferers is really a hard job! 

The Crybaby: “Think before you speak” as the new bee can take your bad or dirty jokes at a very serious node. This girl in a hostel always ready to kill you with emotions. For every single fight, she can cry all night.

The Beauty Conscious: The Beauty Queen!! With fruit pack packs, scrubs, mascara, liner, lipstick, lip gloss, and shower gels, she has come up with a mini parlor. In the Hostel, no one can match her fashion style. Her final touch up is quite mandatory for every outing hour. 

The Life Savior: There is no doubt in the fact that girls’ life in a hostel totally depends on Helping Hands who are not less than Life Saviors. For every kind of problem like electricity cuts, blockage, hall booking for night parties, you can contact this leader. She is an expert in providing an instant solution to the fellow mates.

Living and spending time with these different types of girls in hostels or PGs is such a wonderful experience. Cheers to those, who have been enjoying the company of these incredible characters in their present life!!!

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