15 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad, the largest known city in Uttar Pradesh, is not only an important religious city, an education hub but also one of the most important destinations for tour and travels in India. There are various visiting places in Allahabad to explore the enriched culture of the holy city. This famous place offers many opportunities to the people to celebrate each and every festival, religious event, special occasion, and weekend with lots of happiness and enjoyment.

Check out the list of top tourist attractions in Allahabad that have involved the interest of people from all around the world:

  • Triveni Sangam:
    Triveni “three rivers” Sangam “join”; As the name indicates that the place where three holy rivers (Ganga, Saraswati and Yamuna) join to become one identity. It is one among the top visiting places in Allahabad.Hindus have religious concerns with this place and they come to pray their ancestors and perform various spiritual activities at Triveni Sangam. On religious occasions like Guru Purnima, Amavasya and Kumbh Mela (happens after every 12 years), lots of people visit here to pray and to become the part of mystical events like early morning baths.
    How to Reach: Triveni Sangam is located at a distance of 3km from Allahabad Railway Station. One can prefer local transportation like UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) buses, Autos and Cycle Rickshaws.
    Famous For: Performing religious and Parental Activities.
  •  Allahabad Fort:
    The historical fort was built by great Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1583 A.D. It has been also considered as one of the main tourist attractions in Allahabad and a monument of National Importance by the Archeological Survey of IndiaThe fort has high watchtowers and Ashoka Pillars (built since 3rd Century), Zenana Palace of Mariam-uz-Zamani, three galleries and Saraswati Koop (Source of Saraswati River). The immortal tree (old Banyan Tree) is the main attraction of this place which can be viewed from the Southern wall. Students having keen interest in the rich culture of India can plan a weekend visit to this ancient fort.
    How to Reach: Allahabad fort is located at a distance of 6.3 km from the Allahabad Railway Junction. To visit this place, you can hire local transport services like two wheelers or three wheelers.
    Famous For: Historical Monuments
  • Khusro Bagh:
    Khusro Bagh is one of the most inviting tourist places in Allahabad. This garden is all around covered by greenery species plants, fruit trees and flowers. Khusro Bagh is titled after Khusrau Mirza, the son of great Mughal Emperor Jahangir, who was buried in tombs along with his wife Shah Begum, and daughter Nithar Begum. These tombs reflect the architecture of the Mughals and the amazing stone carving, wall art, painting techniques etc. The famous bagh has covered around 40 acres land and is shaped in a quadrangle.
    How to Reach: The distance of Khusro Bagh from the Allahabad Railway Station is approx. 3km. Public transportation like tempos and rickshaws will be the best option to visit this place.
    Famous For: Historical tombs of Mughals.
  • Anand Bhavan:
    It is also called Swaraj Bhavan and is well known as the ancestral place of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhi. It is one of the eminent tourist places in Allahabad. This large mansion was built in the 19th Century by Shri Moti Lal Nehru and was donated to Govt. of India in the year 1970. There is a museum that throws light on the lifestyle of Nehru’s family members.
    How to Reach: Anand Bhavan is located close to the Allahabad Railway Station (4.1 km). Hiring transportation facilities in Allahabad is the best option to opt for the local travels.
    Famous For: Nehru’s Ancestral Home and Museum.
  • All Saints Cathedral:
    Among Allahabad places to visit, “The Church of Stones” or Patthar Girja is considered as one of the most popular Gothic Architecture in the city. Established in 1887, this church has covered 1250 square meter land and housed various plaques of British Nationals. The Victoria tower of this church is a memorial to British Queen Victoria and is also known as Lantern Tower. The intricate work, marble designs and stained glass panels add glimpse to this place.
    How to Reach: All Saint Cathedral is located on MG Marg, just one km away from Allahabad Railway Junction. One can approach local vehicles for cheap and best travel in Allahabad.
    Famous For: Queen Victoria tower and Gothic Architecture.
  • Allahabad Museum:
    This national level museum was established in 1930, and is one amongst the popular tourist attractions in Allahabad. It is famous for a vast collection of unique arts, sculptures of Bhumara and Mathura, Kausambi Terracottas, Paintings, Manuscripts, and Rajasthani Miniatures. Gandhi Smriti Vahan and Piston of Chandra Shekhar Azad are the exclusive items of Allahabad Museum. Students, who are interested in the history and rich culture, will discover various alluring facts about India and its rulers.
    How to Reach: Allahabad Museum is situated close to UPPSC and at a traveling distance of approx. 3km from the Main Railway Station. You can go for bus transportation services or taxis which are available 24 hours a week.
    Famous For: Unique Collection of Indian History.
  • Chandra Shekhar Azad Park:
    The centrally located park is also known as Alfred Park or Company Bagh. It is listed among the topmost Allahabad places to visit. There is a huge sculpture of freedom fighter Shri Chandra Shekhar Azad. Visiting here, you will come to know the historical events of the revolutionary fight for the freedom of India. This place also provides facilities like playing area, artificial pond, and jogging track.
    How to Reach: Chandra Shekhar Azad Park is located in George Town in Allahabad. This park is 5.1 km away from the Main Railway Junction and can be visited by hiring rickshaws or autos which are the best-recommended option for local visits.
    Famous For: Sculpture of Chandra Shekhar Azad and History of Freedom Fight.
    Chandra Shekhar Azad Park
  • Allahabad University:
    This University was established in the year 1887 and is known to be the most visiting places in Allahabad. It is recommended as the fourth oldest university of the country. The university offers various professional courses of Science, Law, Medicine, Information Technology, Business Management, Educational Training, HR Development and Management, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, Journalism and Mass Communication. Students can also opt vocational courses under UGC scheme and graduate degree programs.Allahabad University has been executing various projects and academic programs with CSIR, DBT, DoS, ICSSR, ICHR, UGC, NCERT, DST, DRDO and Planning Commission. These have been providing superlative facilities for research and development programs. Visiting here, students can take guidance for the future studies and get exposure on the largest educational platform of the nation.
    How to Reach: Allahabad University is situated in Old Katra and at a reach of 5.1 km from the Railway Junction. To visit there, go for rickshaws and Autos that usually cost affordable charges to the customers.
    Famous For: Graduation, Post Graduation, Engineering, Diploma, Ph.D, Research Programs.
    Allahabad University
  • Hanuman Mandir:
    The holy place is situated near the bank of Yamuna River in Allahabad. People visiting this, one of the most spiritual places in Allahabad, can witness 20 feet long & 8 feet wide Statue of Lord Hanuman. In the evening, the entire environment, at aarti time, gives spiritual energy and peace of mind and soul. On every Tuesday and Saturday, many people come here to pray to the Lord Hanuman.
    How to Reach: Hanuman Mandir is quite is at Sangam. Take local transportation to reach there.
    Famous For: Idol of Lord Hanuman in the sleeping or reclined position.
  • Sri Lalita Devi Temple:
    This temple is amongst the popular tourist attractions in Allahabad. It is also known as “Shakti Peeth” where people visit for special darshan during navratras and religious events. On every weekend, this place is crowded with many devotees who come to pray to Red Goddess (Goddess Lalita) and to become the part of spiritual events.
    How to Reach: Sri Lalita Devi Temple (Shakti Peeth) is located in Harshvardhan Nagar, Meerapur. From the Main Railway Station, this place is 5.1 km away and can be reached by hiring taxis (cabs) and transport buses.
    Famous For: Special Darshan in Navratri and Shakti Peeth Aarti.
  • Allahabad High Court:
    This court has been operational for more than 150 years and is known to the very first high court in India. The most famous and oldest court of Uttar Pradesh has delivered many historical judgments. Presently, more than 100 judges are working in this High Court. Security concerns of this court are always considered for every entry. So, in order to visit one of the top listed places in Allahabad, you need to have special permission from higher authorities.
    How to Reach: High Court in Allahabad is at a reach of approx. 1.4 km from the railway station. Preferring yellow or black auto rickshaw services is the best local traveling choice for you.
    Famous For: Historical Judgments, and having the highest number of judicial members.
  • Alopi Devi temple: Among the popular religious Allahabad places to visit, Alopi Devi Mandir is on the top of the list. There is a square platform which has a small hole of water exactly at the middle point and above which a doli is hanging from the ceiling. This wooden carriage or doli is worshiped by the devotees. The name “Alopi” means disappeared and origin lies in the fact that after the death of Sati, Lord Shiva took her in arms and traveled all over the sky. Lord Vishnu threw a Chakra which scattered all the body parts of Sati on the earth and hence originated holy places. It is believed that the last part of her body fell here and hence named as “Alopi”.
    How to Reach: This temple is located on Allahabad road and at a distance of 4.6 km from the Allahabad Railway Junction. Opt Local Travels (Buses, Rickshaws or Taxis) to visit this place.
    Famous For: Religious Events.
  • United College Of Institutions: The United College of Engineering and Research is one of the popular educational institutes in Allahabad. It was founded in 1950 by Shri Shiv Ram Das Gulati and established in 1988. It is affiliated to UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University) and is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). It offers various Engineering courses like Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation, and Electrical Engineering. Every year, many students compete to crack Engineering exam to get admission in the most prestigious institute of Allahabad.
    How to Reach: This institute has three branches which are located at an approx. distance of 13. 5 km from the Main railway station. UPSRTC buses, cabs and Volvo buses are the main travelling mode to reach this institute.
    Famous For: Educational Engineering Courses.
  • IIIT- Allahabad:
    Indian Institute of Information Technology was established in 1999 in Allahabad. This institute offers various educational programs – BTech, MTech, MBA, Integrated MTech, and PhD. IIIT is also famous as one of the top places in Allahabad for the research activities in the field of Robotics. According to the survey report of the year 2015, the institute was ranked on 49th position in the list of top Engineering colleges in India. Students studying here are highly active in various cultural events like debates, music competitions, technology quiz and sports activities. Apart from this , students from other states or cities joining this college feel welcomed by the locales. Though proper hostel facilities are provided by the college, the students can also look up to some the best budget friendly PG accommodations in Allahabad.
    How to Reach: The travelling distance between IIIT and Allahabad Railway Station is about 8.6 km. Local travels are quite helpful to reach here.
    Famous For: Research Studies and Projects, Academic Courses for Graduation and Post Graduation.
  • MNNIT Allahabad:
    Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, is one among the top listed visiting places in Allahabad. It is one of the first institutes in India who had offered an undergraduate programme in Comp. Science and Engineering. MNNIT offers undergraduate courses in different disciplines like Chemical Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Product Design and Development, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, where admission is based in JEE and DASA. The institute has several 19 PG programs for Maths, Scientific Computing, Computer Application, Social Work and Management Studies.
    How to Reach: MNNIT is 7.2 km away from the Main Allahabad Railway Junction, and can be reached by taking local transportation services like city buses, 2 or three wheelers and cabs.
    Famous For: PG Educational Programs, and Undergraduate Courses.

If you are new to the city, and want to explore more about the interesting tourist places in Allahabad, then hurry up, call your friends and schedule a weekend trip now!

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