15 Best Gift Ideas for Your Roommate’s Birthday

Gifts are always welcomed and appreciated by everyone of us. A lovely present or gift for roommates is a token of love that speaks a thousand words about your friendship without saying anything. Usually, many of us think about presenting a surprise gift to friends on their birthday, but the very next second we get puzzled with lots of options. Instead of giving them hints with an inquiry session of what they like, what they prefer and what they want, why not to go for your roommate’s birthday ideas?

Gifts can be of any form like useful things, decorative pieces or memorial articles. Before getting stuck among countless options in the gift gallery, why not to have a look at the list of best roommate’s birthday gift ideas and plan a surprise according to that?

If tea or coffee is the every morning fuel of your roomie, then buy a classy coaster set or a pair of two for both of you. In the market, a wide range of uniquely crafted wooden, plastic and metal coasters, is available at the best prices. Some are also available with cartoon character paintings, clip arts, friendship quotes, alarming signs, and funny quotes. Revealing the real character or moodiness by choosing coaster gift for roommates will definitely add more twist to your planned surprise.

Bed Sheet:
We all are aware of the fact that your roomie hardly changes the bed sheet once in a month or in a year. So, why not you be the person to bring this change. Opt a colorful, floral, animated, or designer bed sheet for your roommate and let him/her feel special on the birthday. If your roommate is crazy about some weird kind of things like bikes, watches, funky bracelets or addicted to pizzas, sausages, wines, or sweets, then choose from the selection of beautifully printed or animated bed sheet ideas.

Stationery Set:
Amongst various roommate’s birthday ideas, Stationery kit holding pens, writing pads, cards, pencils, sketches, marker, calculator, paper cutter and paper clips, can be chosen as a prime option if he/she is studious kind of a person or loves to spend time in painting cards, making creative arts and writing letters to the loved ones. Getting your roomie a set of these collectives will surely energize her past hobbies!!

A Vintage Scarf:
Having a stylish roommate gives you more options of getting fashionable accessories like vintage scarves for her birthday. Choosing a scarf with colorful floral prints, and artistic patterns will absolutely happen to the reason of getting more compliments from friends. Whatever the outfit she will wear, the colorful vintage scarf will match up with all shades and styles. Gifting this also grants you a chance of wearing it with your favorite dress.

Sling Bag:
Sling bags are in new trend these days and they can be included among the category of roommate’s birthday gift ideas. Definitely, your roommate is having an intense craving for the same. Catch this desire of him/her, and bring the fashionable sling bag in the birthday gift box.

Fragrant Candles:
Having a feel of royalty or splendid life is a hard to get dream in PG’s or Hostels and the same kind of this feeling your roommate also shares. If you want to pamper her with some majestic feel, then choose fragrant candles as a gift for roommates to decorate the room, bath area and even for the small dining set too. To add more gladness, wrap organic soaps, conditions or spa products in the gift wrap.

Since the time both of you and your roommate has entered the phase of study burden, a mug of hot coffee or tea has become a must have to awake midnight for exams and tests. Tell me for how long your roommate is having tea in a same single mug. And the answer would be- nearly one or two years. Then, why not to replace this with the brand new coffee mug as a birthday present. In the markets, or on online portals, abundant options are available to choose from.

Customized T-shirt:
Do you want to buy a forever or memorable gift for roommates or room partners? Go to a customized T-shirt gallery, choose the color and style, and ask them to print the beautiful picture of your roommates on it. Trust me, no one has done this before you for them in the entire life. So, be that special one!

Pillow Case:
Every Hosteler or PG mate has a sleeping roommate to share the living space. If yours is also a sleeping bug, then a fluffy Pillow with a printed pillowcase for her is recommended as the best present in the list of roommate’s birthday gift ideas.

Dammit Doll or Teddy Bear:
Girls just love teddies and dolls. Apart from you, they are their best companion of life. They are the ones to whom they usually talk when they get angry or frustrated due to bad times, and even in happy times when get qualified for the next standard, patch up with the boyfriend or achieve the dream projects. Pick a handsome piece and get it wrapped for the birthday surprise!

Jewelry Box:
Do your roomie has a great obsession for jewelry pieces or fashionable articles? Is she hanging them everywhere in the room like on a mirror, notice board, key holder, pen stand or cupboard rings? This birthday, it is the exact time to present her a big jewelry box. You can select from kits, stands and boxes.

Wine Glasses:
“Wine In, Feelings Out” – a rightly said quotation for the wine lovers. What could be the best birthday gift than a set of wine glasses for your roommate to share each and everything over a bottle of wine?

Wireless Speakers:
Are you the one who also enjoys the music rhythms like me when the roomie plays loud sounds in the room and then shakes booties every night? To add more flavor to your roomie’s birthday bash, get a classy wireless speaker set wrapped in a gift box and create the magic moment tonight.

Beam Bang Mobile Holder:
Amidst many birthday ideas for your roommate, mobile holders are on the priority if he/she is really care less about the phone. Selecting a beam bang mobile holder for the birthday will convey of the message of your care and love for the roommate.

Key Holder: Tell me frankly, how many times you and your roommate have tough fights over placing keys somewhere, then getting it hard to find at the most need. The response would be almost every day. Selecting a key holder for her birthday will surely end this bitter moment of every morning. Choose a funky wooden, metal, or crafted key holder for the room and say goodbye to fight fevers!!

“The Best gift comes from the heart, not from the store”- it defines the value of feelings that you have for special people in your life. Check out the list of roommate’s birthday gift ideas, and select an option to cherish him/her with lots of happiness and make the day more special and memorable!

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