12 Easy Life Hacks to Have a Smooth Hostel Life

Hostel life- The Independent Life!!!! Where you are pretty much scared about different oblivious phases or situations. After all mom’s boy or daddy’s princess is far away from their castle for the first time. There is such a hustle and bustle going all around you and of course in your mind too. New place, new life, new people… Don’t be anxious, as this life will bring several changes in your mood, personality, perception and let you enjoy the company of new friends, group gossips and tension free life.

Undoubtedly, Hostel life is full of fun and it makes you an independent person who always run for an easy method to conquer every challenge of life. Here we help you find simple life hacks for hostels to make you feel more comfortable while staying away from home.

Here goes an easy pathway to the amazing jugaad for hostelers in the hostel accommodation:

  • Say Goodbye to Iron – When your prince charming/princess is about to catch you in an hour, but all your clothes are piled up in some corner of your wardrobe and you don’t have an iron too!! Do not worry at all!!! Just take some hot water in a pan and move it all over your tee… yayy!! Your tee will look as good as a new one… Time to go…buzzzzzzzzzz!!!
  • Basic Cooking- Learn some basic cooking so that you have all the ways to provide solace to your hunger stricken tummy. Maggie, noodles, evening snacks, etc. can save your pocket to a greater extent. So, just opt an easy jugaad for hostelers to do magic with the food to feed your tummy during late nights. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the fast food preparing recipes and tricks!
  • Storage Boxes Are Saviors- Every one of us, have those categories of clothes that are too clean to be washed and too dirty to be kept in the wardrobe. These clothes find the place around the corner of the room piled up on the chair. When your parents or relatives of your roomie visit, then storage boxes are the best jugaad for hostelers to wrap and drop all dirty things in it!
  • Cook on the Iron- Your tummy has a hunger alarm which keeps on buzzing as soon as the night approaches… Well here is the solution. Iron… yes, you got it right. Your triangular electric iron can be of good use. All you have to do is, turn it upside down, and heat it, place an aluminum foil on it and your eggs are ready to eat… It can also be used to cook Maggie… Bingo!!!
    cooking on iron
  • Seal the Leftovers- We do understand that oxygen is really very much important for our endurance, but at the same time it can be lethal for your yummy cookies. Ouch… Save your eatables from getting dehydrated by following this simple jugaad for hostelers like- cut a plastic bottle into two parts, insert the mouth of the packets into the bottle and cover them by closing the lid of the bottle. And here you have preserved the crunchiness of butter cookies!!
  • Bread Slices as James Watt- Let the bread slices act as junior James Watt in searching the little pieces of glass which you broke just now. Take small pieces of bread slices and place it on that area. These will even grab tiny pieces of glass before your roommate will step in. Don’t forget to cleverly dispose of the bread slices in the dustbin.
    Collect glass pieces with bread slice
  • Pillow Case as Your Magic Duster- You are lying on your bed tossing from side to side, narrating your tales to the person of dream and suddenly you have noticed the ceiling fan, which has a different story to tell. It is just collecting dust… if you are a cleaning freak, the checkout simple and tricky life hacks for hostels. Take an old pillowcase, dip it in water and wipe away the dust of your ceiling fan. Between, don’t forget to place a newspaper or rough paper on the space below ceiling fan to save the time in extra cleaning work!
  • Time to De-stain Your Clothes– Ink has been notorious since ages… (Wink). It usually stains our favorite dress. Don’t worry, just try amazing life hacks for hostels to say goodbye to stains. Rub the stained part of your dress like top, jean, t-shirt with a few drops of hand sanitizer and then wash it with normal water.
  • Use Book Holders in the Kitchen- In hostel, it is commonly said that “Keep doing bad things and do them extremely well.” While you are busy imitating master chef Sanjeev Kapoor, just take a hanger and use it to hold your kitchen recipe book. Yes, it’s that simple to do!!
  • Unravel Your Life- Your life is spinning around the cables in your room, be it the numerous USBs, laptop chargers, mobile chargers and what not. These wires keep on playing with you and you find it difficult to detangle them every time, when you are in sudden need of them. The easiest way to solve the puzzle is to try easy life hacks for hostels. According to which, keep all of them in an appropriate place and use the roll, which is left when the toilet paper finishes. Detangle the cables so on and place them in these rolls.
  • Paint all keys you Have– Fill your life with blue, orange, green, red, pink, yellow and many more when you usually get confused with keys of the same structure, and metal. Paint all your room keys, cupboard keys, and bike keys with magnificent colors.
  • Magic of Poly Bags and Storage Boxes– Poly bags are very useful in keeping all your tick-tock types of stuff. Instead of throwing them just take a big poly bag and keep all small poly bags inside it. Use them according to your needs. You can also use big boxes for the same purpose.

Follow these simple life hacks for hostelers and you can easily sail your boat of life through the river of hostel. Just remember when life is trying to give you lemons, catch them, and start looking for some salt and tequila. Bingo!!!!

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