10 Weird Reasons Why Roommates Fight in a Girls Hostel

Girls Fighting in Hostel

“Sharing” the word itself sounds like crazy for the ones who are extremely sensitive about their belongings like food, clothes, books, accessories and many other stuff. It seems like a deep pain in your heart when someone wouldn’t mind asking for your favorite pair of shoes or denim with a chunky accessories and shiny watch. Oh God!! Who will tell them the truth that you hadn’t shared these “Only Mine things” even with your siblings, then how it would happen with them. This Sharing has originated quite interesting and some kind of weird roommate stories of Hostelers, PG boys and girls.

The Hostel or PG days let you experience different variations like- togetherness, sharing, fighting, arguing, angriness, stand for the rights, and many more to be a perfect human being there. Here, we have configured the list of weird things roommates fight about in the Hostel or PG accommodation:

  1. Stupid Fights: Fight in a student’s life is the common practice and it can happen any time and even on a very small reason. Well, the hard truth is all about the Cat Fight which is one of the weird things girls do in a Hostel or PG. Whether you have tried your clever skills to use her soap, nail polish, deodorant, or grab a bite of her all-time favorite cookies, donut or pizza slice, it is sure that she will fight with you for all. Also, if she is disturbed or in an angry mode, then you cannot skip easily, she will catch you for every single mistake. These stupid fights can be a funny or scary experience, depending upon the situation or dealings. “Gifting and Returning” is the simple policy to end fights between roommates in a Hostel or PG Accommodation.
  2. Playing Pranks: Prank in a hostel can be a fun idea for you but not for sufferers. If your roommate is extremely sensitive and you are the one who is always ready to test her patience then definitely you have invited trouble for you. You have no idea about the fact that how high will be her temper at that point.
  3. Cricket Match Union and Fight for the Favorite Team: The Cricket Fever continually rocks during Hostel or PG days. The cheer up for favorite players and team, shouting for every six and four hits, making the restroom a dining area, bet and fighting over the match score and wait eagerly to see your favorite team playing, these are the crazy and weird things girls do in a Hostel or PG rooms. This bond unites many cricket lovers and the same can also raise bad comments for each other.
  4. Privacy Interference: Having an engaged roommate will demand privacy corners. And if you have taken a risk to touch her phone, read her messages and answer her calls, then assuredly you will get a hit of hard words, or ugly fight. In most of the girls Hostel, this issue has shared many weird roommate stories.
  5. And Yes, the TV Remote: Fight over TV remote. Really!! It sounds like crazy. But yes, one of the common weird things roommates fight about is none other than a TV remote. The one who has grabbed TV control first will feel like King of Entertainment. And then the drama begins!!Different opinions about playing channel of TV Series, Movies, and Game Series will absolutely clash in the rest room of Hostel or PG. Girls seems like dying to see their favorites on a TV channel. And they do not bother about skipping bath, breakfast or dinner to take control over the TV remote.
  6. Loud Music Party: Though Hostel party or college function sounds like fun, dance and enjoyment, but the bizarre thing about it is- madness, loudness and intentional disturbance. Some these kind of weird roommate stories and the ugly fights usually become the headline of Hostel or PG accommodation. It also invites unnecessary troubles for you, like restriction, fine and punishment.
  7. Mirror Stickers: Can mirror obsession be a reason of girls fight? Really!! It happens to be absolutely yes in a Girls PG or Hostel. There is always a friend who gets attached to the mirror to do makeup highlights, hair style, test every dress placed in almirah for a college party or special outing like weekend fun, tour with friends or meeting someone special. This madness will rise an awful conversation between the besties and roommates.
  8. Sleeping Posture: We all have heard the fact that sharing makes a healthy bond between friends, but it can irritate your roommate at some point. Having a partner with irregular sleeping posture or the one who usually wakes up early in the morning to do Yoga or Zumba dance can be a problem specifically when you cannot have sound sleep due to this disturbance. This can be included in the list of weird things roommates fight about in a PG or Hostel room. It will also generate the occupancy of the other roommates with whom you want to feel completely comfortable.
  9. Different Ideologies: Girls are quite possessive, self-centered and have different ideologies of culture and living style. If their roommate is quite opposite to that, then it will be quite hard to live peacefully with her. It can be the cause of girls fight in a hostel.
  10. Lazy Bees: The lazy bees are always in search of that kind of a friend or roommate who can take all her responsibility in a Hostel room. This process contributes various weird roommate stories in Girls PG and Hostel. For the lazy girls, the daily routine like making toasts, lemon tea, room cleaning, and even getting ready for the class, bag and tiffin packing seems like they have been asked for climbing a mountain of which they are damn scared.If you are the lazy bee and you have found the one for your assistance, then don’t be so sure that she will obey your order throughout like getting a glass of water, your notes ready for the tomorrow’s class, closing the almirah or door, cleaning groceries and table, room cleanliness, and serving mess food directly to your room. If in any case, she has understood what you are aiming at, then prepare yourself to discover her hidden side i.e. angry mode. After this, you will consistently wonder at her calm face.

Finding a suitable Hostel or PG and residing there with the silly, funny, arrogant and entertaining roommates let you experience different interesting and weird things girls do to grab attention of the surrounding world and to be the reason of all silly fights. Whatever the circumstance would be at that time, but remembering these would definitely relish your life of the hostel days.

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