10 Important Tips to Deal with Snoring Roommates in Hostel

Sound sleep, after a long work schedule like study and work, is a must to have. But in Hostel or PG, it will be the most awaiting dream to chase, particularly when you have a snoring roommate to share the living space. In this situation, you might have mercy on you while assuming yourself to be the most restless person on the earth. It can also affect your work efficiency and regularity.

The snoring scene can happen every night if your roommate is suffering from nasal congestion or addicted to certain habits like alcohol. Many times, you get confused with tricks on what to do when roommate snores exactly at midnight. It can not only disturb your mind but also add bitterness to the bond of friendship with your roommate.

Here, we have mentioned some important tips to handle snoring roommate and to have a sound sleep every night:

  • Confront Your Roommate About Snoring: The first thing you have to do is to let your roommate confront about her snoring mode. There might be the state that she is unaware of this condition. So, start with a soft conservation in spite of blaming her for disturbing your sleep. You can ask your room partner to take remedy of these snoring hints or you can advise her to try some easy snoring free tricks. Meanwhile, do not forget to remind her about remedies and precautions she has to opt for not letting you indulge in disturbed and restless nights every time.
  • Run A Humidifier: Opting humidifiers to get rid of snoring hours can be the best solution for you. It works effectively, especially when your snoring roommate has a dry throat. Running this device will create water vapors which heal the dry throat by lubricating it in an effective way. The medical equipment is easily available in the medical stores at an affordable price. Better to buy it rather than regretting later during late nights.
  • Nasal Strips: People who are avoiding humidifiers can have an alternative, i.e. Nasal Strips which are highly recommended for the snoring problem. These open up the nasal congestion and stiffness. If your roomy bothers about having it every time, then you should advise her to consult with a doctor or health expert who can provide a reliable solution for the nasal problems.
  • Roll Them Over: It seems like crazy, but it really works when you have a snoring roommate with you. The theory behind “Roll them over” is that when human beings sleep in a straight direction, then the tongue’s base gets collapsed to the throat walls which produce a sounding effect. So, if you are getting disturbed due to snores while sleeping, then turn over your roommate to the other side along with fixing a pillow to avoid the back free turns.
  • Change Your Pillows Regularly: Pillow Test!! You might be thinking for a while that how it can avoid the possibilities of snoring hours. Many times, people do not bother about these small hygiene techniques which, later on, produce adverse effects on our health. Research studies have concluded the fact that pillows that we regularly use, can be a breeding place of germs and allergens, which affect the nasal passages. So, you should change pillow twice in a year plus you should wash the pillow covers on a regular basis.
  • Use Earplugs: If at midnight, your mind gets stuck with what to do what roommate snores, then you can opt the best and easiest way of using earplugs. If you are not having the right ones, and you don’t want to disturb other roommates or friends, then you can make earplugs with cotton balls which are easily available in a Hostel or PG accommodation. Opting this, you will surely get a break from the irritating snoring sounds.
  • Invest in a White Noise Device: Out of many options of what to do when roommate snores, this “White Noise Investment” can work for you, primarily when you are fond of electronic music, and well aware of its mechanism where different noise signals can be filtered to produce the desired frequency. It is highly recommended to filter the noise content.
  • Try Black Out Curtains: Generally, a snoring roommate has a problem with brightness and lightening effect. The bright colored interior of the room or fancy curtains can also affect her sleep. These not only distract the vision but also have a serious effect on the sleeping modes. So, why to go with brighter shades, just pick out a dark shade like black curtains for your hostel or PG room. More the thickness of curtain stuff more will be the natural lightening effect in your living space which also let you have a sound sleep.
  • Advisory Sessions: Can alcohol intake be the reason of snoring? Yes, there can be the probability of that!!! If your roommate drinks alcohol regularly, then due to relaxation of the throat and mouth muscles, he or she can contribute to loud snores at night. So, you should have an advisory session with your room partner about the side effects of alcohol, specifically the restless nights due to snoring effect.
  • Request Them to Take a Shower: If you are thinking about how to handle snoring roommate, then you can have a cup of tea with her and discuss this loud snoring problem. Ask your room partner to take a hot bath as it can clear the nasal passages and improves the breathing functions. If she avoids a hot bath, then you can ask her to take steam (water vapors) with a steamer device which will effectively work in a nasal congestion. If a steamer is not available then other options of taking steam from a glass or bowl of hot salt water can be selected.

If you are the one, who is getting disturbance or irritation while staying with a snoring roommate, then you should try these fast and easy tricks which will surely create a heaven for your sleep.

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