10 Famous TV Shows that You Must Binge-Watch with Room Partners


Are they filming on my life and circumstances? Do I look like the main lead of the Series? These are the common epic reactions of youngsters, college students, and bachelors who love to binge watch the favorite TV Series with their friends and room partners in a Hostel or PG accommodation and enjoy the life to the fullest. Let me recall this. Firstly, you might have ignored the series, but after hearing the discussions and rumors of characters, you could not stop yourself to watch climax and making fun with roommates over the acting skills, dialogues, body posture, dresses and makeup later.

Once you get connected to the show characters, believe me, you will follow each and everything related to him/her like attire, the way of talking, walking and predicting, glasses, makeup, dressing sense and even good qualities too. Watching TV shows regularly can make you an addict, but if it happens to be the source of goodness, happiness, intelligence, and fun, then why not to get this addiction for so long.

The list of the most popular TV shows for binge-watching with roommates, friends, and colleagues, are as follows:

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.: Being named for the ultimate chemistry of roommates and best buddies, this TV show has achieved so much love and attention of all those people, who have shared sweet and sour moments with friends in a PG, Flat or Hostel room. Between various funny, laughable, entertaining, stupid, lovable and caring characters, you will find yourself completely lost in the drama. The best part of this TV show is that it has described all crazy life moments of that adult age.
  • The Big Bang Theory: This TV show is all about unlimited fun with roommates. The five amazing characters of this show have created an impeccable effect on the viewer’s especially the room partners. The entire show revolves around the bonding of friends being a microbiologist, actress, aerospace engineer, physicist, astrophysicist, bookstore owner and dermatologist by profession and emotional human beings by nature. Between this, do not miss remarkable twists of the relationship between Leonard and Penny, Sheldon and Amy in the series.
  • Sherlock: Hey Youngsters!! Getting excited for the Crime Investigation? Here comes the intelligence bureau of Sherlock which has plotted the science behind psychology and human behavior with several detective techniques. With the amazing script writing and casting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, the directors have fetched various awards for this mysterious crime show. This TV show has depicted mind blowing perpetrators and crimes that are fantastically telecasted for the viewers.
  • Parenthood: This series comprising 6 seasons and is revolved around 3 generations of a family and their relationships. It has presented the different views of every generation and the clashes between them, that at first glance, can upset your mind, but later on, you will come to know the reality of the dynamic change and parenting problems. The show has connected many youngsters and their emotions.
  • Vampire Diaries: Are you interested in blooded Love Drama? Then why not to binge watch the great love story of a vampire and a girl with so many twists and turns. Watching the initial phase of love to last blood war, will completely change the perception of love in your mind, which is quite difficult to connect with the real world. Join your friends and roommates for the bloody thriller.
  • Gilmore Girls: Who can describe the ability and strength of a woman than Gilmore Girls TV series, which has charmed the audience as well? This show is based on the story of a single mother; Lorelai Gilmore, her daughter, and their living style. It has depicted various issues of friendship, love, and romance while connecting the social and professional life of characters. Watching this series and discussing it over a cup of evening tea, will be a great idea of fun with roommates and PG mates. In addition, it also represents the power of a single woman and her fearless aim for the living and surviving in the social world.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Those who love to binge watch the romantic show, must catch up with this TV drama which is all about the story of a guy Ted Mosby, who is narrating his love life, starting from the time when he met his partner Marshall in 2005. Between this, he has also mentioned the eventful life with the best friends; Lily, Robin and Barney and their importance during that phase.
  • Game of Thrones: Here comes the periodic drama, which has been listed among the best TV series for binge watching with roommates and friends. People having a deep interest in the fictitious historical show will find it a complete pack of excitement, thriller, action, love, war and betrayal. The high intensity of the show has already been published everywhere in the world and people are still waiting for the next season. Go and catch up with all the previous episodes.


  • Prison Break: This Series brings the concept of justice into a Play. The situational scenes are so concerned that you won’t miss a single episode of it. The mission of a person who has involved great efforts and his intelligence to save his brother will grab all your attention to seek the further information he has collected. Between this mysterious plot and scenes, you will come to know about the great acting skills of TV actors and actress.
  • Scream (MTV Series): Do you want to see the scary thriller of 90’s world? Then start with Scream MTV Series. All the concept of this show is revised with some interesting twists and catch-ups. The fictitious town of Lakewood and murder mystery around it explores new chapter every time. Better to join a friend’s or roommate’s company while watching it, as the horror scene can raise your heartbeat at any time. The series has two seasons: Season 1 (10 episodes) and Season 2 (14 episodes) that can make your weekend the best day of thrilling entertainment.

Many times, we get so involved in the drama and story of TV shows while binge watching with roommates, that it feels like something wrong in a schedule or partial life without them. So, what if the show has ended, start with a new one and never end the zone of happiness and fun in you!

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