Tips for Selecting a Paying Guest Accommodation


Deciding where to live is important but more important is the fact that you first carefully weigh your options before you move. You really need to take the time to decide about where you want to live. Helpful friends and family members may send you enticing offers of renting homes, apartments or condos, but if they are not in the area that you are looking at, the information is a waste of time and useless.

Before you choose a paying guest accommodation option in cities dissimilar as Delhi and Mumbai, certain common feature should always be considered in order to get the ideal paying guest accommodation facility, thereby avoiding any sort of issues. This is a brief article covering some of the unique facts that you should consider before choosing a paying guest accommodation.

Figure out Monthly Budget You can Afford
We all want to live in the nicest possible place that we can afford. Knowing what we can actually afford can be hard to figure out. Apart from monthly rental you will need to ask what features are included in your rental fee. Some places will require you pay certain bills, such as water and trash pickup. Others require no such payments. Also, you need to ask what the average temporary tenant is paying for utilities in the summer and winter months for the same size apartment. Make sure you save 50 percent of what you paid because apartment agents often give the lowest possible amount, which may be raised afterwards. When you have done this, there is need to make an inquiry on other expenses, such as additional storage facilities, parking places, extra parking, gate access keys, call utilities, and determine how much deposit you will have to pay, how long it will take the service to get started and what the procedure is for ending it.

Narrow your Choice
Right before making your decision, there is a need to narrow your choices before you even set foot on the property. If you want or already have a pet, any place that does not allow pets is not a good fit for you. Find out about other things you may like to do or keep but that may not be acceptable where you are going to live. Most important factor is location which needs to be easily accessible, browse some broker free PG listing websites, narrow your search by comparing features & rent.

Visit the Property
Before you make an appointment to see the property, drive by the PG at different times. All of these are indicators of how the management and the residents feel about the place. You get a real eye opener when you visit the Paying Guest without the management awareness and at undisclosed periods.
While you are driving around the property, examine your cell phone signal. Do you have a good signal? Walk-through the real rooms and dont miss a chance to existing residents of that paying guest.

Power Backup
Depending on the city and the climate, power backup can be very important. Obviously, in the summer, it is a huge disappointment to have power backups that prevents you from using utilities like fan, for example.
Even if the PG accommodation has a power backup, find out how long the backup electricity will last, and what is connected to it. For example, some power backups only last for four to five hours, which will not take you through the night. At other times, power backups are not connected to water heaters and electricity points, so you will be unable to charge your phones/laptops or take a warm shower.
If you searching a PG in Noida or a PG in Ghaziabad you need to be very careful about the power backup. Many times there is long power cuts.

Consider Water Supply
Very few Indian cities have a continuous water supply. The way a PG management solves this is by storing water in tanks (usually situated on the terrace). So when direct water is not available, stored water from the tanks can be used instead. If the tanks do not store enough water, there may be water shortages. So, ensure that the tanks on the terrace are large enough to support the number of people in the PG accommodation. Flush the commode. Does it flush well? Does the bathtub appear to be in good condition? How about the water pressure of the shower and the bathtub? How long does it take hot water to get to the tap?
You need to be careful about drinking water,though most of the PG in Kota, Noida, Ghaziabad & Greater Noida have RO System installed, do check and make it your top priority after location & security.

What is the Notice Period before Leaving the PG Accommodation?
Usually, it is common for PG landlords to request four to six weeks’ notice period before you vacate the accommodation. If you fail to inform him/her in time, the landlord will deduct rent from your initial deposit. So, if you are only planning to stay for a very short time, say, one week, make sure you negotiate your notice period to reflect this.

Can You Bring Guests into the PG Accommodation?
Sometimes, you may have a close friend or family member visiting. Ask about their overnight guest policy before you sign. Some apartment managements do not allow overnight guests. Others do, but they limit the amount of times that a guest who is a family member or close friend can stay overnight. Also, find out if you will have to pay additional rent, or what the sleeping arrangements for the one visiting will be.

In conclusion, it is important that for you to get the best out of the new accommodation that you are looking for, you must realize that proper planning is indispensable. However, the initial planning starts with what your needs and wants are. You must be able to identify these and try to match your desire with what the PG accommodation management offers. By doing these, you can ensure that you have a good time staying at the PG accommodation.

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