Places to visit in Noida

Places to visit in Noida

Noida is a well-planned attractive city in the district of U.P. It enjoys proximity to the capital city and boasts of beautiful highways and roads, great flyovers and some awesome metro. The lifestyle in this place is also affordable with most of its dwellers being a moderate lifestyle. Furthermore, its population is mostly made of young and vibrant individuals so that you feel totally in the right place as a bachelor. Something that also will attract your attention is the presence of entertainment places as well as shopping hubs that will rock your world when you visit this place. If you are staying in a PG in Noida and wish to have some fun weekends with friends,Below is the list of places to visit in Noida where you can have a good day.

Noida Sector 18 Market
Well, for a bachelor, this is the place to visit in Noida. This can be heaven for shopaholic. Savitri Market is hub for electronic items including laptops, phones. Apart from new items you can get many repairing shops. There is a street food galore to enjoy local food. There are various restaurants, café & showroom for different branded clothes, shoes etc. stores.
   Nearest to Metro
• This is in the vicinity of sector 18 metro station.
   Reasons to visit
• Adorable recreational centers like clubs and shopping malls that sell pocket-friendly items.
• Shopping, dining and full enjoyment at same place.

Great India Place Mall

Great India Palace is hub of entertainment & shopping. One of the best malls of Delhi/NRC, when you comes to this mall, you get to enjoy some great shopping experience that will turn your head around.

    Nearest Metro Station:
    • The place is just 1 km nearer to the Sector 18 Metro Station, so you don’t have to worry a lot.
   Reasons to visit:
    It is a place of advanced needs as well as excellent foods for all kinds of diets. It also is the best place to have fun while shopping and at the same time eating.        Additionally, you get to hang out with your friends since it is such a big mall.

Worlds of Wonder & water park

One of best place to hang out with friends, this is among them. The water parks have great fun moments for you and your pals. With water-park and amusement park, you have fun all the way. There are above 20 themed rides ranging from the nail biters to carnival staples. Wonder speedway is one of the largest Go-Karting tracks of north India.
     Nearest Metro Station :
Sector 18 & botanical garden are closest metro station.
    Reasons to visit:
To rejuvenate yourself, this can be best place. You can also visit this place with friends to have fun.

Atta Market

This is the best spot for bachelors especially those who desire to conduct some budget buying of clothes. It presents great opportunities that enable you to freely navigate through the markets to find the best affordable cloths for you.

     Nearest Metro Station:
     It is about even less than 100 m walk from the sector 18 Metro station .
    Reason To Visit:
     •You get less expensive and pocket-friendly items from shopping in this place; you also get a glimpse of almost everything that you don’t find in malls as well as very      good market roads everywhere.
• Places nearby include eating joints, one-stop shops among varying many other sites for the quality time.


Iskcon temple follows the religious and ritual traditions of the Hare Krishna Movement. Teachings are based on Bhagvat Gita that includes the spiritual lessons given by Lord Krishna to Arjun during Mahabharta War. Here you get spiritual enlightenment through BhaktiYoga. The environment here is very beautiful & calm. Bachelors & students can visit this place to be spiritually charged & motivated. Temple is open for early morning 4:30 AM to 10:00 PM all days of the week.
    Nearest Metro Station:
– Botanical Garden & Golf course metro station are nearest to this temple.

Buddh international circuit

Buddh International Circuit is India’s first motor racing circuit. It has the honor of hosting f1 race. Located in Greater Noida, Though F1 car racing is suspended here due to tax dispute with the government, still it hosts truck racing every year.
     Nearest Metro Station:
Sector 18 Noida, Botanical Garden metro station are the nearest metro station.

Stupa 18 Art Gallery
Stupa 18 Art Gallery hosts have an ample range of paintings and sculptures by Indian artists. Ambience of this gallery is calm and can be heaven for an art lover.
      Nearest Metro Station :
Sector 16 & Sector 18 metro stations are closest.

Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal
The Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Sthal & Green Garden is spread in 36 Acre and located in sector 93, Noida along Delhi-Noida expressway. It is divided into 3 sections, Column Plaza, central park plaza and Ambedkar Plaza. Column Plaza has tall pillars and elephant statues, ambedkar plaza features statues of former UP chief minister Mayawati, Kanshiram, founder of BSP, Lord Buddha & Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
     Nearest Metro Station :
       Sector 15 Noida metro station is nearest. It is at little distance from Ashok Nagar metro station as well
     Reasons to visit:
• It has very nice places to visit with great architecture that have artwork that will surprise you. It is also a huge place that can accommodate you and your friends.
• When in this place, you will have the chance to visit Marwah Studios, Zee News studios, and others.

Quantum night club
This place is going to make your fun time memorable for the rest of your visit. With nice foods to take you through the night, this is the best spot to visit in Noida at night.
• Has nice reception, great music and lots of fun.
• Nearby places include Desi Vibes, Punjabi By Nature and other great spots.

These are the best places to visit when in Noida which assure you a memorable lifetime experience to you as a bachelor. Don’t miss out on any chance to visit the above joints.

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