Nine Ways to Bust Stress When You Stay in a PG Away from Parents


Stress Management for students

Competing for top ranks in the the Pre-engineering test or Pre-medical test is a constant struggle for today’s student’, and the added pressure of living away from home in a Paying Guest (PG for Boys or Girls )– where everything has to be managed by yourself — does takes its toll on them. The cumulative effect of this is that the student falls into the ‘Stress’ trap. Anyway, a good rank in the PET or PMT exams is the only way for the student to get admission in a professional college/university of their choice. However, the stress developing in the students’ mind becomes a road hurdle in attaining high scores in the test.

How can a student break the viscous stress cycle? What’s the way out?

Yes! It is possible to break away from the stress. It is in the hand of students whether they want a stress free life or let stress overpower them! Having the right Paying Guest is the first step to remove stress from your mind. Look for the right PG which is well connected with easy transport, is in a quiet locality, food is good, and amenities like sanitation, water, electricity, and beddings, etc. are proper. It helps the student to feel good, thus creating the right environment for study.

That being said, following are certain other things students can do to remove stress.

How to Bust Stress While Living in a PG?

Being a student is fun but comes with its challenges. In addition to that, it is always pretty stressful. Here are a few tips for managing the stresses and the burdens so that students have plenty of room for fun, and study becomes a thrilling experience.

Manage Yourself
A great many educators, and coaches discuss about time management with a specific objective to have more of what life brings to the table, however, it’s just in managing ourselves that we truly notice a difference in our lives and can deal with any anxiety life tosses at us. Manage yourself and you’ll find all other things have fallen into place.

Take Control of your Environment.

The key to controlling your environment is by controlling who and what surrounds you. Life resembles a teacup. There is just that much “stuff” that could be poured into it. Supposing that you pour the wrong things and the wrong people into it, there will be very little room left for the right things and right people. The wrong things and people bring stress while it is the other way around if you have the company of the right people and things. They bring delight and contentment. Make the right choice regarding what and who you spend time with.

Count the Good Things about Yourself.

Thank yourself for the good you do! Don’t let anger overpower you when things don’t go as you may have wanted them to. There are a few things that you cannot control — notwithstanding how much you want to. Love yourself for who you are at this moment — at the present time.

Reward Yourself.


Relaxation activities are also called recreational activities. When you do things that are fun, you are re-building your inner self. Nurturing your inner being is an awesome way to diminish your stress. Spend some time on rewarding activities on a day to day basis. Play cricket, football, do swimming if you love to, or go for a walk and you’ll notice the stress vanishing.

Unwind Yourself.

What do you do to truly unwind? Do you ever take time to do Yoga, lie in your bed and listen to soothing music playing out of a CD-player, go out to a theatre to watch a movie with friends…these are all ways to truly relax. In the event that your mind is filled with stressing thoughts, you can’t remain relaxed! Take time daily to be totally calm.

Take Short Rest Breaks.

It’s critical to take breaks. There’s a reason behind why your professors give you many short breaks in a day. Take them. While you are in charge of your own study timetable, it’s important to your success that you rest for some time — leave your study desk — take a nap if you feel like napping!

Get Enough Sleep.


A great number of people need no less than seven hours every night. The right sleep routine incorporate, having a set sleep time and a set waking time. Did you realize that when you don’t get the amount of rest you require, you lose your power to think, react and judge by as much as half the next day? Creating a sleep routine and setting up a rhythm for yourself and your body, help you de-stress and be relaxed through the day. Go to bed! Try not to be repentant for wanting to “turn in” too soon!

Eat and Drink Healthy

Our minds are always stressed with thoughts of what a “healthy” eating regimen looks like, and what “proper” nutrition is. Find out about different “low fat” food options, and avoid sugary food and caffeine filled drinks. Drink tap water — it will do more good to your body. It’s not hard to get the right information and make awesome choices for yourself. Eat good food!! Your body will thank you!

Plan a Holiday

No matter whether you are staying in a PG for girls, or a boys only Paying Guest enjoy a reprieve from your tough study schedule or whatever is bringing on stress and plan a family outing or trek with companions and go out on an excursion.


In the end it all depends on students’ own attitude. Create a habit of enjoying yourself, no matter whether the situation is good or bad. Treat every moment as a reward and surround yourself with positive people, and you will be better able to cope up with stresses of living in a Paying Guest.

We are sure with the above tips you’ll be able to bust your stress during your stay in a PG.

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