List of 7 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kota, Rajasthan

PG in Kota

“Padharo Mhare Desh” the welcome quote of a beautiful royal state, Rajasthan, which signifies the kind gesture of people living in here. Many tourist destinations are there in the state that invite people from all over the world. Amongst all, Kota is one of the most popular tourist places in Rajasthan. It is located in southeast of northern Indian state. The historical land is well known for its rich culture and heritage. There are various tourist attractions in Kota to visit, where one can explore the history of forts, museums, temples, places and rulers of the city. The splendid blend of modernity and tradition in here, can be discovered in hospitality, food and shopping centers.

Kota, the land of vibrancy and colors, has its own importance in terms of tourism, agriculture, industrialization and education. It is bounded on the east by Baran district, on the north by Bundi district, on the west by Chittorgarh district and on the south by Jhalawar district. It has renowned education institutes for the preparation of Engineering and Medical entrance exams. The city has also served as the administrative headquarters for the district and division. The cozy weather and interesting places in Kota attract many tourists to roam here and acknowledge the beautiful architectures and lifestyle of people. Kota is well connected to the other major cities of the Rajasthan via suitable modes of road, air and railway transport.

Check out the list of beautiful attractions in Kota to visit:

  1. Seven Wonders Park:
    The Seven Wonders Park, located in Ballabh Bari, bordering Sarovar, is the best place to visit in Kota. The artistic skillful work of replicas of this park has significantly enhanced the tourism in the city of Rajasthan. Students, residing in Hostels or PG in Kota, who want to discover the world’s eminent places, can plan a tour to this place. This park shows a glimpse of Seven Wonders of the World, i.e. the Statue of Liberty of New York, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Rome’s Colosseum, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Great Pyramid of Giza. Visiting here, you will also find out the replica of architect of Sydney Harbour Bridge. The peaceful environment, beautiful lightening effect and musical fountain at Seven Wonders Park will create a perfect moment to catch up in cameras.Plan a tour with friends and enjoy the delicious food of Rajasthan like Kachori, Dal Baati Churma and Kulhad Chai at nearest food shops and stalls.Best Timing: Evening
    Special Attraction: Miniature Sculptures, Boating, Food and Scenic view
    Seven Wonders Kota
  2. Chambal Gardens:
    Chambal Garden, situated at Amar Niwas on the bank of Chambal River, is amongst the interesting places in Kota, to spend quality time with family and friends. This park design is based on an attractive theme in order to showcase the traffic rules with speed breakers, miniature flyovers, tunnels and buildings. It also houses a pond with crocodiles and rare gharials. There is a suspension bridge overheads the pond that connects the two sides of park. The other wild species like rabbits and birds can also be seen in here. The vast area covered by Chambal Gardens includes small lawns, seating plans and playing space that makes it the best place to visit in Kota and to enjoy food, gossips and fun with friends and colleagues.Park Timing: 7 Days (10 A.M. to 7 P.M.)
    Entry Fee: No
    Special Attraction: Pond, Suspension Bridge and Boating, Food Shops offering tasty dishes like Dil Khushal, Ker Sangri, and Rajasthani Kadi.
  3. Godavari Dham Temple:
    Godavari Dham Temple is famously known as “Shri Sankat Moachan Hanuman Mandir”, located in Derabheri, Kota. It is entirely made up of white marbles and invites many devotees from all over the country. The architecture of this spiritual temple comprises two tallest towers and a beautiful marble swan at the entrance gate. Visiting here, one can feel the divine peace, mind and soul relaxation. Godavari Dham Temple is the listed as the famous religious place to visit in Kota, Rajasthan.Best Timing: Morning and Evening Aarti Time
    Special Attraction: Aarti Place, Religious Rituals and Events, Food stalls serving delicious Pakwans and Sweets, Stalls of religious and history books.
  4. Jagmandir Palace and Kishore Lake:
    The royal structure, Jagmandir Palace, is among the preeminent tourist attractions in Kota to visit. The historical red stone monument was constructed by the Princess of Kota in the year 1740 and is located at the Centre of the lake called Kishore Lake. The lake was artificially created by Bundi PrinceDehra Deh in the year 1346. The scene like glamorous lightning at the park and floating fountain screen, adds scenic beauty to this palace. Morning or evening walk with friends at Kishore Sagar Lake can reduce the stress and relax your mind.
    Jagmandir Palace is highly appreciated for its fabulous royalty and elegance of the architectural work on the walls and domes. Boating and water skiing services in Kishore Sagar Lake are also available for the adventurous students.
    College students, living in flats or PG’s in Kota, can have a small outing to this place. Along with this, also check out the Kesher Bagh, which is situated close to this palace. It is well known for the memorials of royal kings and rulers.Palace Timing: 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. (7 Days)
    Special Attraction: Boat rides, Architectural Work and roadside shopping of handicraft items.
  5. Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary:
    Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary in Kota, was established in the year 1955. This place consists large tracts of forests and wildlife. Earlier, it was the tracking place for the Royal Kings who came here to hunt animals like deer and tiger. Nowadays, the sanctuary is quite popular for jeep safari travel, trekking and spotting deer, nilgai, sloth bear, wild, panthers, leopards and antelopes. The animal lovers, or botany and zoology students, residing in a hostel or PG in Kota, can plan an educational tour to this place.Best Timings: Between the months of Oct. and March
    Special Attraction: Wildlife and Jeep Safari
  6. Kota Government Museum:
    Kota Government Museum delineates the divine culture and heritage of the royal state. It is located in front of Kishore Sagar Lake. The main attraction of this place is the beautiful and remarkable statue of Shesh Sayi Vishnu, which is crafted with expert artistic methods.The Government Museum is one of the prime tourist attractions in Kota to visit for sightseeing the majestic beauty and rich culture of royal people. It has two sections: Archeological Section and Painting and Manuscript. In the first section, you will discover the depiction of dancing pairs, 3rd century Yupa pillars, and ancient coins, apparels, handicrafts, costumes and royal clangs that shows rich culture of hadoti region. In the 2nd section, miniature paintings: Vedic and astronomical work are exhibited on the walls. Some sculptures displayed here are of Gupta Period date back to the fourth century.

    Best Timings: 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. (All days of a week except Friday)
    Special Attractions: Ancient Treasure of Manuscripts, Statues, Coins, and Weapons

  7. Haveli of Devtaji:
    The Haveli of Devtaji was built around 1838 AD and belongs to Rajpurohit ruler of Kota who was addressed as Devtaji by the people. It is an eye-catching historical place to visit in Kota. Magnificent art, miniature paintings, fantastic frescoes, quarters opulent and marble carving in rooms of Haveli describe all about the rich lifestyle of people. A tour to this place will impart a glimpse of vast culture and tradition of the rulers and kings of Rajasthan.Best Timings: 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. (7 days of a week)
    Special Attraction: The stalls nearby Haveli of Devtaji offers a wide range of Rajasthani items like decoration stuff, wall hangings, key chains and paintings.

    Haveli of Devta ji Kota

    People who love to travel and roam around wonderful and interesting places, should plan a trip to Kota, Rajasthan. Visiting here, you will come to know about the rich heritage of Royal People and their lifestyle.


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