Key Points to Remember for Bonding with New Landlords or Tenants

Hunting a luxury and affordable PG or hostel accommodation in a new town is a hard deal for every individual who has been enrolled in an engineering or medical college for an educational course. Further, every day you have to appoint meetings with different types of landlords in the preferred city. If with so many utmost efforts, you have been able to finally crack the deal then don’t think, this process has ended here as the next innings is still waiting for you i.e. to maintain a good and healthy relation with the PG owners or landlords.

Let talk about the key points to consider to be a good tenant and to minimize the chances of disputes with landlords:


Pay Rent on Time: Every PG landlord wants timely rent payment from the tenants. So, if you are going to delay the payment, surely you are giving rise to the unpredictable odd behavior of the owners. Think for a while, you are dependent on your parents for pocket money and other expenditures, in a similar way, your landlord’s monthly investment like electricity bills, maintenance charges, renovation, property taxes etc. is based on your rent payment. So, avoid the delay cases, to share a good relation with the PG owners. If in a case, you have not received money from your parents, then it is your prior responsibility to convey this message to your landlords. Doing this, will also show your responsive nature towards the payment deals.


Communicate in Good Faith with Your Landlord: Communication is the key to have trust in a relationship. So, approve the communication requests and initiate the first step with the kind or soft words. As, whenever you will face problems related to electrical appliances, pest control, water leakage etc. they will not think for a while to help you.


Act in Good Faith As Well: Being rented in someone else’s place, you should behave well with the roommates as well as neighbors. Every PG owner takes security in advance just because they had already faced the odd situations created by the tenants like dirty room, cupboard, rest room, filled kitchen garbage, dirty washroom, broken appliances, filthy walls, etc. So, don’t give them the chance to also list you in the same category. If you have any problem with sharing, or any conflict with roomie then firstly solve it at your end, if it ends with a mutual understanding, then it is good, otherwise involve the landlords for the final decision.


Cooperate with Agents When Lease is ending: When you are about to leave PG within a month, then inform the landlords in advance so that you can publish advertisement to occupy the other tenant at your place. If the interested individuals are on inspection mission, then be cooperative for this act like keep the place neat and clean and be available to unlock the room.


Don’t Skip Out in Obligations: Chances might be there, that you no longer be able to pay rent and want to shift your PG. In this case, be upfront to your landlord and talk about the situation. They, at once, get disappointed, but very soon they will advertise for the new tenant as your replacement, or you can also refer the vacancy to your friends or colleagues.


Get to Know Each Other from the Day One: Though, you both are strangers, but a simple conversation about your hometown, job, purpose of visiting this new city, and about parents can be a good start to know each other. Your first approach towards each other like behavior, terms and conditions, gesture, and way of attending the tenants and landlords, can respond so many things running in your mind and heart. If both of you get tuned well, then why not to enter the place on the next day or same day?

Be There on Move in a Day: If your tenant has encountered some problem in the provided renting room, then the next time, you should approach him by yourself. As reminding you again and again to help tenants and roommates to sort out things, can bitter the relationship. So, being a landlord, you should have a serious concern towards the problems or issues of tenants. Moreover, you should ask PG mates about living environment with the new roomies and any additional facility they want in the room in summers or winters.

Stay Available, But Not Too Available: Being available is great, but getting too involved can be a trouble. Being a tenant, you should know your boundaries as landlords don’t like any interference in personal things and people too. A deep conversation once in two or three months, about your daily workout, some odd situations in a new city,  or asking about the health and wellbeing of the landlord, any help to operate digital models or providing easy instructions is a good idea to maintain healthy relationship with PG landlords.

Keep Your Promises: Trust is very important for every long term relation. So, if you have promised your landlord to pay rent on 10th of every month, then be strict to that. Also, if your landlord has promised to fix the electrical issue, or water leakage problem in PG room, then he should do the needs on time.

Be Provocative: Landlords should also do regular check out in the PG rooms to ensure the property maintenance, cleanliness and sanitization process. Doing this, will also activate the PG mates towards these mandatory processes and thus help to create a clean and hygienic environment all around.

Make the Efforts: Being a landlord, you shouldn’t behave like a person who always appears for rent every month. Instead be kind and also plan a visit in between to ask about the comfortability of tenants and their needs. This makes you a kind landlord who also cares about the well-being and suitability of renters in the room.

So if you are about to become a new tenant or landlord, and getting nervous about the dealings, then this article will surely help to acknowledge the important points while sharing new relations!

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