How to Beat Extra Weight while Living in a Hostel or PG Accommodation?

Amidst so much fun with the roomies and college friends in a Hostel or PG accommodation, every student shares the same story of boring food, study burden, restless nights, presentations, seminars, and hard regular routines. This schedule directly affects their health which puts on weight and cause severe health disorders like fatigue, high blood pressure, breathing problems, anorexia, etc. Instead of regretting yourself at this time, you should opt a proper diet plan for hostel students, considering your daily workout and relax time. For that, you can consult a dietician or can take advice and recommendation from online diet experts.

Along with, there are various easy workouts for hostelers to opt, which can be smoothly performed in the park or open area of the hostel and PG accommodation. Just call your roomies and hostel friends to join, who are also interested to target the mission of “Beat the Weight.”

Here, we have explained the easy to follow health tips for hostelers and PG students in order to stay fit and fine throughout the life:

Plan your Meal: Many of us do not count the calorie intake and some of us are even not aware of the food nutrition value which create the biggest disaster for your body shape and health. So, first of all, consider the nutritive value of your meal and then acknowledge the food nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat, fiber, etc. Start with the breakfast and try not to skip your morning meal at any cost. Discover and include the instant recipes of healthy food for PG students counting fresh veggies, green smoothies, salads, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit juice.


Stock Up: In Hostel or PG accommodation, students usually prefer to buy small food packets that fulfil the need of only one time dinner, lunch or breakfast. As far as, budget is concerned, go for bulk dry food packets which not only save your money but also let you manage your monthly budget conveniently. The category of some low calorie healthy snacks for Hostel students include: thepla, khakra, roasted peas, murmura, peanuts, soup packets, corn flakes, muesli, maggi, mathies etc. Seasonal fruits are also the best nutritive meal options like bananas, apples, guavas, pineapples, grapes, papayas, oranges etc. and buying a weekly stock and preserving it in the refrigerator is a good idea of maintaining a balanced diet to keep yourself healthy and fit.


Eat On Time: Irregular or abnormal eating habits affect your health to a great extent. In hostel or PG accommodation, students usually do not get enough time to manage work and rest schedule in a proper way. Firstly, college hours, then coaching’s, assignments, and extra study, with all these activities, students cannot give a specific timing to food which in turn, affects the metabolism and immunity. For a fit and energetic body, you should have a right meal at the right time in a day. Breakfast should be eaten before 7PM and there must be a gap of 4 hours for your lunch. Dinner should be taken before 7 PM exactly before 3 hours of sleeping. Those who want to lose weight, should check out the various options of healthy food for hostel students.


Don’t Skip Your Breakfast: Morning fuel is a necessity for hostel and PG students. But many of us have a self-assumed concept that skipping one time meal or breakfast can help to lose weight easily, but in actual, it is not right. Instead of feeling fresh in the morning, you will feel low energy in your body which will not keep you active in the classes or at the job. Moreover, in every single second, you will think about “Food Food Food” or eagerly wait for the lunch time. For weight loss, you should follow a proper diet plan for hostel students, which includes breakfast as an important meal of the day.


Take Recommendations from Your Mom: Yes, it is true that Mothers are the Best Health Guides and no one can give you the best suggestion of healthy snacks for Hostel students than her. She is the one who knows you and your body mechanism well than anyone else. Taking her advice for weight loss program can really help you. Moreover, when you visit home, she will also pack some dry or preservable food items (low calories and oil free stuff) for at least 2 or 3 weeks. If you are interested in cooking oil free healthy meal, then don’t mind asking her for such food recipes and do a try for your body and health.


Aerobics: Some easy workouts for hostelers like aerobics improve the overall fitness of the body. The physical benefits of aerobics include: improved muscle tone, and body posture. The aerobic exercises strengthen the lungs and heart, thus help to lower down the cholesterol level. Hostel students can join aerobic classes on a daily basis to burn up calories, and thus lose weight.


Exercise: Youngsters, having a tight study and work schedule, usually feel it hard to follow a proper diet plan for PG students, especially when they are not allowed to eat fast food. Though, it is all about your health and body shape, so you have to be strict on that. Along with, doing exercise like 20-30 minutes’ walk, pushups, running, squats, planks and even dancing steps or aerobic exercises help a lot to burn fat of your body parts like arms, stomach, waist, neck and thighs. For a satisfactory output, a routine is must.


Include Healthy food Options: A well-known saying “Your body is what you prefer to eat” defines all about the benefits of healthy food for a fit and fine body. Raw vegetables, green vegetables, citrus fruits, fibers, etc. are included in the category of healthy food for hostel students. Even, the youngsters can also explore more and more options online and also check out the easy recipes of salads and smoothies.


Are you worried about overweight and cannot deal more with it? Then check out this article to explore all about a diet plan for hostel students and beat the weight in a right way!

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