An Important Skin Care Guide for Hostel and PG Girls


Every girl in the world is passionate about her beauty, shape and personality. For that, she indulges each and every possible remedy, and technique to beautify herself. From nails to hair do, skin toning to hydration, and massage therapy to hair color, she experiments everything to add more and more glimpse to her look. These prospects are only possible when you are at home, where everything is near to you like lotions, home remedy ingredients, creams and cleansers etc. But what about the so called second home, where you have to put hard efforts to arrange everything for healthy skin while living in PG plus it also consumes your money and hence disturbs your monthly budget.

Here, we have come up with easy beauty tips for hostel girls, which can really do a magic for your skin tone and beauty:

1. Water- An Essential Liquid: We all know that our body has 70% water content, so it’s very essential to hydrate our body with the water intake. Girls who are about to move in a new hostel or PG, usually suffer water issues like bad taste, high chlorine content, and impurities etc. With this, they avoid drinking water, which cause dehydration in the body and thus results in faints, weakness and other disorders like hair fall, skin irritation and allergy. If this is the beginning, then, be quick to change your rental place or ask the owners to add a purifier to the water supply in the PG. In summers, you can also ask landlords for a refrigerator or cooling pot in the kitchen. For healthy skin while living in PG, you should drink at least 7 glasses of water a day. For skin tightening, drink one glass of hot water every morning.


2. Skin Care: In a great hustle and bustle of hostel life, spare some time for your skin and body as the summer days are too hot to handle while living in a new place and winters will be quite dry and cool to go outside. Consult your mom, and her mom to reveal the secret of their forever beauty. Definitely, you will come to know so many easy remedies for nourishing skin within the kitchen and routinely usable things. Some skin care beauty tips for hostel girls include: homemade skin packs with the use of herbal powders like sandalwood, multani mitti, turmeric, neem and tulsi. Take rosewater to prepare this fresh face pack and use it at least twice a week. With this, you will observe a significant change in your skin tone and between don’t forget to say thanks to mommies and great mommies.


3. Prepare Bath Water: Generally, cheap chemicals are used for water purification in the hostels and PG rentals, which can affect your body parts like hair, skin and eyes to a great extent. Many girls observe the problem of hair fall, dandruff, skin allergy like rashes, pimples, patches etc. in a hostel. To have healthy skin while living in PG, better to prepare bath water at night like store water in a bucket and leave it overnight so that all chemical reagents used like chlorine, bleaching powder and other impurities get settled down at the bottom. Next morning, filter the water with a cotton cloth or strainer and use this water for bathing. You can also add neem leaves or lemon drops in the water and keep it overnight. These agents will deactivate the harmful effect of water impurities. Along with, dipping copper vessels like pot and glass also remove the impurities from water.


4. To Combat Unexpected Pimples: Pimples, the real monsters of a girl’s life, and these don’t go away easily. But, some easy to follow beauty tips for hostel girls can help to get rid of unwanted pimples like avoid eating oily and spicy food, drink a lot of water and detoxification liquids, include green veggies in your meal, and use sunscreen lotion before going out. Use herbal or Ayurvedic products for skin care like lotion, cream, face wash, and soap.


5. Use Minimum Makeup: Make is a love, and never ending obsession for every girl. But keeping the lipstick, kajal, mascara, eyeliner’s color tone always high even on the regular college days, doesn’t make a sense. Instead, do magic with bright shades and some days even say no to makeup, can also bring a change in your personality.


6. Moisturize Every Single Night: To have healthy skin while living in PG or Hostel accommodation, girls should have a routine of moisturizing the skin at every night. For that, you should wash and dry your face, arms, and feet first, after that apply moisturizing lotion or white lightening lotion on the body parts following simple massaging steps and then go to sleep. The logic behind this therapy is that your skin will get enough time for moisturization during night.


7. Healthy Diet: Green veggies, smoothies, purees, fresh juices are the richest source of nutrients and these also help in keeping skin healthy and fresh. Along with beauty tips for hostel girls, you should follow a healthy diet plan including seasonal veggies and fruits. Check out some instant salad, soup and smoothie recipes online and give a try on weekends or on holidays.


8. Say No to Sharing: Girls, be frank to say no to friends and roomies when they ask for your towel, soap and other skin care products as it will not prevent the skin infection or allergies but also let them understand the importance of hygiene. Don’t share makeup products like lipstick, lip balm, brushes, combs etc. with anyone. Keep them safe in your cupboard.


9. Sleep for Minimum 6 Hours a Day: Sleep is an ultimate relaxation treatment for your body and think, it does not cost much, just 6 hours a day. We all know that life in a hostel or PG is hard to deal with, but a nap of 6-8 hours can do a magic for you. Pretty Girls, after doing all works like study, dinner, cleaning, tidiness, gossips etc. you should spare enough time for your sleep. This is an amazing way of saying goodbye to puffy eyes, dark circles and to have healthy skin while living in PG or hostel.


If you are a hostel sufferer and get puzzled with where to start from, follow these easy beauty tips for hostel girls, and wave hands to skin problems!

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