7 Sure Ways to Bond with Your New Roommate


Perhaps living with your new roommate is the first great shot you’ve ever had to break away from the norm of staying with family members. Over the years, there have been more reasons for students, young adults, bachelors, and spinsters to leave the coziness of their homes in order to live with an acquaintance.

If you’re about to leave home for some distant city, to live in a PG or a rented home with a total stranger, or you just started living with one over the past week, here are some wonderful suggestions to help you adapt gracefully to the situation you find yourself in. These pointers will help you look for ways to bond with your roommates.

Note that the following ideas are generally summed up to surely help you find fun activities to do with roommates.

Converse with Each Other

This certainly is one of the most pleasant times two young people can have together. Turn off the TV, turn off the radio. Conversation is a powerful way to bond with someone you don’t know so well. To get the best out of it ask questions and really listen when your roommate talks. This affords you a better opportunity to get to know him better. Try to talk about historical places and make sure both of you share the fun of visiting those places together. Schedule outdoor activities regularly to get more out of the fun of bonding with a roommate and the more both of you engage in these activities, you’ll find life satisfying.

Cook Together

A pair of foodies will find this part a great delight in the process of embarking on roommate bonding activities. Some people are fond of eating like birds—they eat throughout the day—which also means they must cook most times during the day.

Even if one of you is not that knowledgeable in the art of cooking, the scent of good cuisine pouring into the living room from the kitchen can draw him/her to the arena, thus making that one a helpful partner in encouraging roommate bonding activities.

Decorate Room with Fun Decor

This is probably the first thing two of you will do together. Allow for the creative gel in the other person to sprout by not insisting things be done entirely your own way. Young people love to cut pictures of their favorite idol to paste on walls. Both of you can have meaningful share of doing that kind of work together. Hopefully, the decor may last for years, therefore becoming a cherished memory in your hearts.

Watch TV Together

Watching TV solo can be a boring chore but when you have someone to boo, scream, and applaud with when the need arises, it naturally helps to reinforce ways to bond with your roommates. Since youngsters tend to spend more time watching TV than doing anything else, this occasion can be the integral part of bonding with roommates.

It can also steadily create the urge for both of you to do more stuff together. A word of caution though; there’s no way both of you will share the same preference to TV shows all the time, so get ready to argue constructively sometimes when your roommate doesn’t want to see a TV show you’re dying to see.

Plan Dance Sessions

You don’t have to be a great dancer to get a really terrific dancing occasion. You can learn on the job. Just turn the DVD player on and rock your body to the tune. Make sure you have various collections of songs that suit every mood so that you and your roommate don’t get easily bored. Forget about making the right dance moves–you’re not in a competition. Once you learn the preferences of your roommate, you may occasionally want to start off the dancing spree with one of his favorite beats. Moreover, dancing is a multi-tasking activity which is always regarded as the the best stress busters in daily life. So holding dance sessions with your roommate not only builds up your mutual bond but also is the best way of stress busting while living away from home.

Stalk Each Other on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few of the many social media platforms available online. These platforms are home to most youths on the globe. They find it easier to share photos, thoughts, and experiences more than they personally would on a one-on-one basis.

So reach out to your roommate’s page on social media to find out what he’s been up to lately that he may not have shared with you. Doing this is a good way to learn more about your roommate and it gives you a leverage when dealing with him.

Shop Online

Internet has made it easier for us to shop around in any city or country today. Why not invite your roommate to help you check online for a cool bracelet, watch, or other memorabilia you desire to buy online? Both of you can even shop online for food. Your roommate probably knows some online stores unknown to you. So his wealth of experience can be of advantage.

What’s more, those sneakers he picked for you online could just be a surprising gift from you to him!

These are things perfectly compatible roommates do together.

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