15 Common Situations of Every Hosteler in India

Life in PG Accommodation

PG Accomodaiton

To Chase big dreams, there may occur a hard time, when you have to make a tough decision of choosing hostel life. If it happens to be yes!! Then, Life has kicked you hard this time to live a nightmare for 365 days or more than that. Surviving in a hostel is itself a challenge that upgrades you emotionally, personally and socially. From food to bath, privacy to security, studies to gossips, and responsiveness to care, you have to manage it all. Have a look on hostel life in India:

1) Horrible Mess Food: Dreaming of hot and delicious food? Not at all !! Well, all vegetables which you hated the most or have been avoiding throughout, will be served you at the dining table of the mess. The thin Chapattis with Dal cum Soup bowl and Rice would be the lunch. You might miss home pickles and sauces that let you feel a sense of home. Thanks to the inventors of Maggi (Hosteler’s Favorite Food), Snacks, especially Masala Papads and Mathies, who have provided a delicacy sense to the Hostel Life.

2) Study: Study Hard” can be read only in books but in real hostel life. A day before exam preparations, covering major topics that can save you from mercy chances is the hostel life, indeed. There has always been a friend who is not less a PROFESSOR to be graded, who relaxes your mind with a feel of philosophy and covers all your major doubts.

3) Gossip Conventions: From sharing personal views to class discussions, complaints about mess food to the greediness of home cooked food, misunderstanding to love bonds, teasing each other to drooling over teachers, bitching to caring, crushes to girlfriends, boyfriends, these are all the part of late night gossips of hostel life in India. Pure hearts of adults always welcome the warm feelings for each other in a friendship and who knows the person with whom you are sharing personal feelings, will be the forever friend and adviser for life and future.

4) Free Wi-Fi: Hostelers!!! The perfect digital and social media experts who enjoy each and every bit of free Wi-Fi Services to download movies, talk shows, songs, TV series and episodes. The social updates of crushes and friends become the topic of discussion during lecture hours. Thanks to the social media platforms like Facebook, and Skype that have connected hostel life in India to the real world.

5) Early Birthday Surprise: This is true to the every core of mind and heart that no one can celebrate your birthday with full enjoyment and fun than your roommates and hostel friends. The birthday bash and party in Hostel at sharp 12 A.M. with countless wishes, gifts and hugs will cherish your memories forever in the life. The piggy banks and little savings that have invited your birthday cake with a special message, dance at the top floor and the special treat will be most enjoyable day of your hostel life. Facebook friends will throw special birthday wishes on your wall and update the last night fun that you had in the Hostel.

6) Jamming Session at Bathrooms: Are you sick to insomnia? If yes, then be ready for the Jamming Session at Bathrooms. As all students have the same timing of college and institute, so everyone is in a rush to get ready fast. Standing in a long queue, waiting for your turn and suddenly the hidden talent of bathroom singing comes out in you. Hostel life makes you get ready in less than 5 minutes, which at last, draws the major attention and fantasy among friends and the reason of late night party in Hostel as well.

7) Unhygienic to the Outer World: Are you a Hosteler? Oh God, do you know what is hygiene? This type of reaction, Hostelers usually gets from the Outer world. Well, who can waste time to explain them the bathroom hacking and mess table fights of hostel life?

8) Posters: The best blessing of Hostel life in India is Independence and Freedom. “My Life, My Rules, My Room and My Blooms” this statement says all about your room decoration. The Self Made Art and Crafts, Hollywood Posters, Fancy Frills, Paintings and Dream Catchers enlighten hosteler’s room and the comparison among friends of being the best room decoration holder in the block always strike in the mind of hostelers.

9) Unmanaged Expenses: The pocket money comes in a way, and gets absorbed in many ways like parties, online shopping and regular outing. Spending all money in the first two weeks and waiting for the next credit is the bitter truth of Hostel life in India. At this time, Best friend or Roommate is the last bank that can help you. Borrowing money from a friend to party in Hostel and then promising him/her to return it all at once when your card will be credited, are the best helping hands of hostelers’ Life.

10) Sticking to the Mirror: Mirror in the room, bathroom or corridor, is the main attraction of Hostel. Beautiful Girls and Boys, they all want to adorn themselves with the trendy dressing attires and fashion accessories. Exchanging stuff like clothes, dresses, and shoes, is the pleasant therapy of the hostel Life.

11) Self-Indulgence and Charming Seasons: Adult ages love to pamper themselves. Day by day, self-indulgence of college guys creates a great sense of style and personality like ruff and tuff jeans, sneakers, tattoos and chains and the beautiful girls, do not fail to draw attention of all, in the college. Getting free makeup and promising the beauty expert to give a small treat or party in hostel, are the silly things that happen with every girl in the hostel.

12) Selfie- Trend: Selfie-Sessions!!! Well, who knows the best use of technology to capture the beautiful and fun moments than Hostelers? Girls’ addiction of “POUT“ clicks and swagger of moustache, haircut and motorbike Selfie’s spread awareness and create rumors all over the social media.

13) Cat Fight: Cat Fight, the rumor exists in reality in Hostel days. Silly fights over stealing or using each other things, bitching and saying hard words to roomies is the common thing of hostel life. Then, the most intelligent or the senior ones, sort it all. Sometimes, friends in a group help to clear the misunderstanding among the fighters.

14) Home, Sweet Home: Missing home and family is the usual habit of hostelers. The every fight of hostel life over food, belongings, money and sharing reminds you the Sweet Home. Apart from that, residing in Hostel lets you understand the importance and difference of luxuries and comfort.

15) Responsible: After all hassles and challenges, hostelers become more responsive towards personal and social life. Waking up early, bathing, washing clothes, sharing sweets and food, studying, playing and fun activities, learning from seniors, financial management this is what hostel life in India teaches you and makes you independent, responsive and strong to tackle all odd situations of life.

Hostel is something like a second home. Though it is definitely a challenging one for everyone, it is also enjoyable and the most memorable period that will cherish our mind and heart for the lifetime.

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