12 Types of PG Landlords and Their Dealings with PG Renters

Living away from home, let you bother about so many things like the behavior of landlords in paying guests, rental apartments, and hostels, their self-defined principles, and rules which have to be followed at any cost. Though they have their own life; family, friends, and colleagues, but still, they love to poke nose into something or everything that belongs to you. The category of the different type of landlords includes interesting characters like weird, caring, frustrating, insecure and sometimes funny too.

The relation of a landlord and renter shares the same platform where both have to be agreed to the conditions and liabilities, but when the contradictions occur, that will count various unpredictable troubles and fights which always end at the random decision. This can generate an unfavorable situation for you and your living.

Here, we have listed different type of landlords who have added interrogation, doubts, and care in your life:

  • The Least Bothered one: Listen up People, I am giving you the keys and rental agreement. Enjoy your new home. Call me or drop a message only in emergencies. This kind of the least bothered landlord is the relaxed owner who has given the right to enjoy your life in the rental home. He is only available to collect monthly rent from you. In all, he is the happiest one!!
  • Money Hungry: When it comes to increasing the rental hold, some landlords in paying guests can be termed as the real “Money Minded” people. What they likely to do is to get something more for the facility provision or for giving the luxury living to you. Their undefined charge list may include security charges, water bill, parking fees, maintenance, cleaning charges or getting rent for your friend’s stay in the PG. For them, every night is a dream of money and gaining an extra financial benefit from every end. A small discussion for reminding you about an advance rent is the usual thing that happens till the time you are not ready with the full rental amount in hand.
  • The Suspicious one: These landlords in paying guests or flats have the feel like James Bond and they are always ready for their secret mission. In spite of putting CCTV cameras on the entrance gate and balcony area, they still carry on their inquiry job like in and out timings, condition of the stairs, cupboards, racks, kitchen interior, bathroom cleanliness, any late night party in the room, friends gossip on the terrace, or bitching about the landlords. For inspection, they can cross every limit like roaming around grills or your PG room just after your outing. Observing this can irritate you at once and let you wonder about the existence of these secret crime branch officers.
  • Only Vegetarian Please: Are you a vegetarian guy? Do you consume alcohol or any drug? These types of queries will surely come in your way when you are showing an interest in the rental apartments. Usually, the vegetarian landlords do not want any bone lover in their home, but if you have tried the smart skills of hiding this truth, do not even think so it will last for so long. Believe me, if you are scanned having chicken wings with a glass of wine, they will immediately let you out. So, better plan your convenient living place.
  • No House Parties, and No Late nights: Party Animals are like worms for the landlords who prefer to live in a silent zone. Except for the barriers on drinks, drugs and late night outings, they have one more restriction in the list i.e. No House Party at all. If somehow, you have managed to plan the same, they will definitely dare to disturb the fun time without excusing you and your roommates.
  • The Most caring one: Among different type of landlords, there is still a chance to meet the most caring one who surrounds you with the homely feeling. This magic can happen to you at any time. They treat you so well that you do not feel hesitation for any kind of help in case of critical situations like midnight fever, water bottle, or guide to visit the local market, grocery shop, or famous fun spots. Their kind gesture might be in the form of goodies, bakery stuff or some veggies from their kitchen garden.
  • The Hitler: Have you seen Angry Birds? Are you familiar with their hitting skills? The same can be lively experienced when you are renting a home of a Hitler Landlord. There might be a situation when you are not really involved in the mistakes and bad happenings, but he will not skip a single chance to point a finger at you. His “Fear Zone” is all around in and out of the home. Asking him for the general issues, like an electric fuse, pipeline blockage, or some help for maintenance can be the most challenging task of the day. If you are a genuine person having a good hold on your patience, only then it can work with you, otherwise, every morning can be a bad start of the day!
  • A Friend of Your Parents: Generally, the landlords in paying guests are unknown to you, but how will you tolerate the ones who are close friends of your parents. They can make your life hell with the clever skills of updating your daily routine to your parents, which includes waking up to going college, eating breakfast to doing fun, having a group circle to regular outings, bunking classes to inviting friends for the late night party in the hostel or PG accommodation. They won’t mind sharing no. immediately for Whatsapp chat and sending clips of your living style to them.
  • Anger Management Issues: Hey Renter, have you properly locked your room? Are you going to the nearby market? Had you visited home last weekend? How many units of electricity have been used till date? These landlords just wait to catch you for a single mistake, then come to their villain side which is hard to handle for the PG renters.
  • The Complaint Box: Ding Dong!!! Here comes the next irritating zone of landlords in paying guests. He is none other than your own “fed-up landlord.” What he has in the life is “Complaints and Only Complains.” These could be the sadness over hot summer days, or frustration due to water leakage, pollution, traffic, and fight with a neighbor. Even, their pets have been bearing them for so long. What if you have joined his company to tell your life troubles first in the conversation, only then he will come to know the global warming not only in his own kingdom but also all around the world.
  • The Overtly Friendly: The word “Privacy” does not exist in the dictionary of landlords who are super friendly with the tenants. They poking nose can interrupt your secret and the most personal life. What they are curious about is your crush or some special feeling for a person. In case, if they do not find it interesting, then they will come up with the exciting stories of neighbors, colleagues or relatives which can be a self-defined feeling or the weird experience of their life.
  • The Far Away Landlord: Amongst different type of landlords, the “Invisible Owners” are the most admirable person for all tenants. While staying away from the rental place, they will not knock your door until the situation occurs when you have not deposited rental money in their account. Meanwhile, do whatever you want to do. Enjoy the party nights, late night gossips, and freedom of your life.


    Though you have to face many troubles while renting a living place, but who knows the mystery of the landlords in paying guests who are always ready to inspect every sound that comes from your room. Well, this will be the real experience of dealing with different types of people in a new town!

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