10 Exciting Facts about the Royal City ‘Kota’ You Never Knew


Kota in Rajasthan is situated at the center of the Southeastern area of the state, and along the bank of Chambal River. Being located in the desert land, the city experiences warm weather throughout the summer and mild cold in the winter. The colorful city is well known for the vast history and culture of Rajput’s and their heritage. It has fascinated several visitors and tourists from all over the world because of its attractive tourist spots.

Kota is also recognized as the nation’s capital for the best educational coaching of the Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. The awareness of the Kota Education System and its achievements have inspired many students all over India to get entrance exam coaching in the best educational institutes. The city has various perfect rental accommodations like Flats, Hostels and Girls and Boys PG in Kota.

In the past few years, Kota has developed in various commercial fields like education, tourism, industrialization and production- dairying, distilling, metal handicraft manufacturing, and textile weaving process. The city is ranked on 3rd position as the most populous place in Rajasthan, and on 53rd position as the most populous urban city of the nation.

There are many interesting facts to discover about this royal city, Kota. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Teaching Talent:
    In India, Kota is famous for coaching of Medical and Engineering Entrance exams like PMT, IIT JEE, AIPMT, JEE Mains. Presently, continuous success of the Kota Education System has created a boom among the aspirants of different states. Now, every medical or non-medical student who wants to crack the best college of the nation, shows keen interest to join the best Kota Coaching Institutes. There are many coaching centers in the town who have gained their importance in the educational field like Resonance, Allen Career Institute, Bansal Classes, Motion IIT JEE, Vibrant and Career Point. With a highly skilled team of Professors and Subject Experts, they deliver a great sense of understanding for various objective and subjective queries of the students.Every year, more than one lakh candidates from different cities and states of India arrive here to take admission in the best educational centers. The main preference of every student in here is to occupy the nearby rental place like Hostel or PG in Kota. For that, they have to struggle a lot. Plus, it takes hard efforts and valuable time. The online portals like websites and mobile apps have delivered an impeccable solution to the seekers. Many residential leagues, associations and homeowners in the town have been approaching online rental property portals and providing various facilities in girls and boys PG in Kota at very affordable costs. Considering the needs and preferences, students can choose the availabilities like Mess, Single or Double Room, Cleaning Services etc.
  • Regular Supply of Water and Electricity:
    In Kota, the power generation facilities are available in a radius of 50 kilometers. The famous power plants of the city are: Kota Super Thermal Power Station, Rawatbhata Atomic Energy Nuclear Power Plant, NTPC Anta Gas Power Plant in Baran District, Jawahar Sagar Hydro Power Plant that are counted for 8% power production of the total electricity of the nation. Students who are staying in Hostel or PG in the city will rarely suffer power cut at the midnights or in hot summer days. The regular power and water supply will not interrupt their daily schedule at all.
  • Kota Kachoris:
    In the city, Kota Kachoris are the most popular food snacks and these come in various flavors and stuffing like Pyaj Kachori, Dal Kachori, Aloo Kachori, Mawa Kachori, Kadi Kachori and much more. This spicy dish when served with Pudina or Imli chutney make a perfect pack of delicious tea time snack. It is also one of the most served meals in the mess of the Hostel, Girls and Boys PG in Kota. Food Lovers can also experiment its taste with daal and dahi. The famous snacks of the city are easily available on the food centers, street shops and stalls, at reasonable prices.
  • Kota Doria:
    Kota Doria (Thread) is used for making traditional fabric or muslin famously known as “Masuria Malmal” and is highly recommended for the sarees. The textile shops in Kota sell a wide variety of Kota Doria including different patterns like square checks, basic plains, embroidery work, patches and printed zari. Girls staying in PG in Kota can go for a shopping in the famous market to buy the daily needs while exploring the wide varieties of suits, dupattas, furnishing and dress materials.
  • Tourist Attraction:
    Kota in Rajasthan has a lot of historical palaces and forts to visit. The top visiting places in the city are: Seven Wonders Park, Kishore Sagar Lake, Kota Zoological Park, Jagmandir Palace, Chambal Garden, Umed Bhawan Palace, Godavari Dham Temple, Garh Palace, Rangbari Balaji Temple, Maharao Madho Singh Museum, Kota Government Museum, Hanging Rock Fountain, Adhar Shila Dargah. Hostelers or PG Mates can refresh their mind by planning a weekend tour to these tourist attractions and spend a amount of good time with friends and roommates.
  • Handlooms and Shopping Centers:
    Kota is the main center of handmade products, art and craft, paintings, decoration stuff and stone crafts. Bridal Accessories: Chura and Lakh Bangles are the prime shopping attractions in Kota. City Mall and Central Square Mall are the famous shopping places of the city. Along with this, you will also find many Handlooms and Shopping Centers that sell a wide range of embroidered products like bags, kurtas, sarees, wall hangings, and handmade stuff like bangles, keychains, jewelry items, carpets, terracottas, wooden and home decoration articles. Hostelers or students living in PG in Kota can visit these shopping complexes to buy the amazing stuff for themselves and gifts for their friends and family members.
  • Dussehra Mela:
    The Beloved Festival of Dussehra counts the most popular festival in Kota, Rajasthan and it is celebrated with full enthusiasm. On this day, tall effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran, and Meghnath are burnt in a big ground. Many cultural events are organized for the entertainment and fun. The traders and vendors set up their shopping stalls for jewelry, handicrafts, painting and famous street food like Kota Kachoris, Dal Bati Churma and Mirchi Vada for the visitors. Those who have missed the chance to visit home this season can enjoy the occasion with the friends and roommates in Kota.
  • Electric Rail Route:
    Surprisingly, Kota in Rajasthan is the only city that has an electric route for the trains. The city is the popular junction of Western Central Railways. There are four stations within Kota and in its vicinity where almost 150 trains halt and provide an easy travel to the people. Students living in far areas like Sikkim, Gangtok or Delhi who are eager to approach Kota Education System, will find Railway Route as the most convenient traveling mode.
  • Kota Stone:
    The stone industry in Kota is an important economic contributor of the city. The limestone has also established the biggest export business in the nation. Kota Stone is in high demand in many countries like U.K., Germany, Europe and East Region. In Kota District, more than 100 mines are located in the Ramganj Mandi town which supply superior quality of building stones that feature: non-porous, non-slippery, non-water absorbent and tough surface. These stones are preferred for wall fixing, flooring, and lining purposes in the industries, and for the exteriors, driveways, balconies, pathways and corridors in the residential areas. The stones are available in different colors like brown, greenish blue, black, gray, pink and beige. Planning a tour to the mining area in Kota, will be an exciting experience for the students. Plus, it will be an additional knowledge for the engineering aspirants.
  • Industrial Sector:
    The financial support in Kota comes from the industrial sectors. The city supports various traditional industries, handloom sectors, engineering companies, thermal power plants, fertilizer and chemical industries which have contributed a lot to the fame of the Rajasthan.

If you are getting fed of daily routine, then plan a visit to the royal city, Kota and discover the royalty of people and rich culture of the Rajasthan.

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